Warm Up Like A Sprinter

“I want a sprinter’s body”, she said. This soon-to-be new client had high aspirations and she was hoping I’d help her deliver on her goals. She came to the right place. Speed training was a specialty of mine. Working together we devised a short workout plan that fit into her busy schedule devised of sprints, body weight training, light weights, and special sprint drills.

The extra-special ingredient in this exercise plan was the sprint drills. They just add an element to any workout that can’t be replicated with any other exercises.

These secret sprint drills are the same that high-level sprinters like Usain Bolt and Lolo Jones do to perfect their sprinting form and make them as fast as possible. The best part about these drills is that they are relatively easy to do yet deceptively intense.

These drills are designed to make you go faster. “So what”, you say?

To go faster you need to engage your muscles better and doing that means the body needs to work harder and so it must adapt even more. More adaptation translates into a greater physical transformation.

Hence, the faster you get the better you will look.

Try this simple and short sprint drill warm-up before getting into your Superhero sprints routine:

Superhero Warm Up

Do the following exercises over 20 metres. Once you’ve done one exercise turn around and do the next until all four are done.

• Skipping A’s
• Marching B’s
• Running Butt Kicks
• Quick Kicks

These exercises feel easy to do while you’re doing them but I hear time and time again from my clients the soreness they feel in their abs, glutes, and legs from these simple drills. They have a powerful effect.

Remember to constantly seek to perfect your form on each drill and pay attention to the tips in the video. The better you are at the drills the better you will become at sprinting and the better your will look.

Give this warm up a try and let us know if you feel the difference in your body and your sprinting in the weeks and months ahead.

About the Author: Niall Traynor is fat loss expert specializing in how to get great legs. Not only that, but he loves sprints and bodyweight exercises because he knows those are some of the best things you can do when trying to get incredibly fit.

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  1. Dave

    While I do incorporate most of the 4 shown – disappointed there were not any lateral movement warmups included.

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