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Take a look at the two athletes below…

ripped athletes

On the left is professional basketball player Blake Griffin and on the right is Olympic athlete Lolo Jones.

Now let’s be honest… Who wouldn’t want to look like that?

The majority of athletes you see have the kind of body we strive for. Sure, they may have been given some athletic ability that you and I don’t have… But that doesn’t mean we can’t train like them and look like them… Or better yet… Look BETTER than them.

Because let’s be honest here for a second: Are you satisfied with how your physique looks right now at this current moment?

If you are, then great. You can stop reading. If not, then read on and lets get things cracking…

Be sure to read till the end to as that’s where I cover the most important part, plus share some awesome workouts…

  • “Train like an athlete, look like an athlete.”

We have all heard that before. And it couldn’t be more true.

When you look at how an athlete trains, three specific areas come to mind. And it all starts with………

1. Strength!

Strength is everything. Let me say that again…


This means both in your weight training and bodyweight training. The stronger you are, the more you will look and feel like an athlete. It’s that simple. A few key exercises to focus on when gaining strength:

  • Any kind of squat (barbell, dumbbell, bulgarian, lunges, …)
  • Deadlifts and Olympic lifts
  • Presses (bench press, overhead press, pushups, dips, …)
  • Pulls (bent over row, renegade row, pull-ups, inverted row, …)

Get strong in those core lifts and you will be well on your way to an extremely lean and sculpted physique.

2. Speed/Highly Conditioned

photoAthletes are both fast and have great endurance. So you should have both too. What do I mean by this… Let’s break it down.

First off, you need speed. Think of a sprinter. Short bursts that you straight up, go all out.

Highly conditioned is more geared towards endurance but is still going to be very very challenging. For example, running 800 meters or even the mile. I don’t recommend doing anything more than 1-mile, but those lengths are more geared towards the “highly conditioned” end of things.

Do both those aspects, sprints and longer stints (in the 4-7 minute range) of endurance training and you will start to see drastic improvements in your physique.

3. Explosiveness and Agility.

This includes jumping, cutting, plyometrics, quick feet drills, etc.

Now in your training this can be box jumps, jump rope, quickness drills like the ploy-ladder or footwork drills.

Just think of what an athlete does on the court or field… Jumps, cuts, sprints, dives, … That’s what explosiveness and agility is all about.

Now, as was stated earlier… It all comes back to strength.

The stronger you are, the faster you will be, the more explosive you will be, and the more agile you will be… And as a result, the leaner and better looking physique you will have.

Now this is important, so pay close attention… My good friend Travis Stoetzel has come out with a brand new program in which he calls The Unbreakable BADASS Blueprint 2.0 and the workouts on that program involve all three of the aspects we just covered.

Travis not only knows a great deal about working out and getting extremely lean to look like an athlete… But he also walks the walk.

travisHe is a high level Crossfit competitor, top level strength coach, plus is extremely ripped and lean.

<===== Just look at him!

Now here’s the biggest key to this all…


This is where I let Travis take over and give you some amazing example workouts:

“Strength/Metcon” (or metabolic conditioning):

4 Rounds For Time Of:

a) Deadlifts @ 315 x 12 (lower the weight if needed)
b) Burpee x 24

Notes from Travis: 

-Short, strength based metabolic conditioning based session
-Focus is on speed, power, and efficiency against the clock – it’s you against time
-Little to no breaks if possible
-Build lactate acid threshold, power and strength endurance

Or how about this one… “Kardio King”:

3 Rounds For Time Of:

a) Burpee x 10
b) Deadlift x 2 @ 405
b) 800m Run

Notes From Travis:

-Longer based cardio conditioning based session
-Focus is on adding in a endurance / cardiovascular focus while also blending in a bit of strength for fun
-Little to no breaks if possible – use the run or burpees as “breaks”
-Builds cardiovascular system and strength depending on how you set it up

BOOM! And that’s just the half of what Travis has… He’s also got what he calls “Grinders” which may be the most challenging workout you ever do as well as “Interval/Pace” workouts which FORCE you to take strategic rest for better results.

And the best part is you can find it all and more on his brand new program ‘The Unbreakable BADASS Blueprint 2.0’ which I highly recommend you go check out:

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That’s all for now. Be back soon with more!

Keep training hard,

Dennis Heenan

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