This Workout Burns a TON of Calories!

workout burns a ton of caloriesJust recently, I have been testing out some pretty serious workouts… Workouts I like to call ‘Compete Workouts’ for the simple fact that you are competing against yourself and the time on the clock.

How these work, are you have a series of exercises and you must complete them as fast as possible resting only when needed. Here’s the catch though…

The longer you rest during the workout, the more time ticks off the clock. Now this does not mean to do an exercise with poor form, but what this does do… Is forces you to push yourself extremely hard and it makes your workouts very tough. 

You see, interval training is great…But there is one flaw:

No two people are alike so you cannot have a set interval time.

For example, a beginner will need more time to rest than a more advanced participant. Most workout programs tell you how much time you should rest. So even though your body may only need a 15-second break, you are forced to take a 30 second one (for example.)

See the problem here?

Here’s what to do instead:

Just the other day, I completed a quick 10-minute workout that burned over 200+ calories… How did I do it?

I competed!

Check it out: (note this may seem like a simple workout, but it is a killer!)


Complete 1-minute of each exercise only resting when needed. Repeat 5 full rounds for a total of 10-minutes!

  • Kettlebell Swings- 1-minute
  • Double Unders- 1-minute

Keep track of how much rest you took as this is how you will calculate your final score. For example, if you took 30 seconds of rest during the 10-minute workout, your final score would be 9:30. See how that works?

10-minute workout – 30 seconds of rest = 9:30. 

crazy workoutSo the next time you do this workout, your goal would then be to beat that 9:30 mark!

Listen, this little workout helped burn over 200 calories in a short 10-minutes. And this does not even include the after burn effect that most definitely took place.

You see, kettlebell swings burn up to 20.2 calories per minute and regular jump rope has been shown to burn up to 19 calories per minute (I did double unders during this workout which burns even more).

Both these exercises use nearly every muscle in your body, not to mention are both crazy high in intensity.

And remember, the higher the intensity the better results you will see. Now take a look at this:

Let’s take our two exercises from above and add in a few modifications to make yet another crazy Compete Workout:


Finish all reps of each exercise before moving to the next, resting only when needed:

Kettlebell Swings: 25
Push-Ups: 25
Pull-Ups: 25
Burpees: 25
Double Unders: 25
Repeat 3 times!

Yet again, another workout that will help you burn tons of calories both during and after the workout. That right there is what it is all about!

(To score this routine, simply take the total time it took you to complete the workout!)

As you can see, those are two very powerful workouts that you can do to really get your metabolism elevated and fat burning kick started.

It is time to ditch the monotony of outdated workouts and start competing for your fat burning success!  

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P.S. Go give these workouts a try and let me know what you think! 

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