The Actor, Complainer, Historian, And Doer!

The truth may be harsh, but it is a reality:

“You are where you are currently because of past choices.”

This statement, as unpleasant as it may be, is great news for us all. Just as it was past choices that put us where we are currently, the choices we make today will have a direct impact on our future.

If you choose to continue eating unhealthy and always miss workouts, you can just guess where you will be in the future.

On the other hand, if you start applying the principles found on this site and take action on them daily, you will be setting yourself up for a happier, healthier you in the future.

It is on you to make the decision on what path you would like to go down. Each person is going to respond differently to the challenge, but again it comes down to you…

In my experience as a personal trainer, there are four main types of people you run into. You have the actor, the complainer, the historian, and the doer. If you are unsure of which category you fall under, keep reading:

The Actor

The actor is someone who on the surface looks as though they are working incredibly hard, but are truly holding back. They give you all the grunts, tired faces, heavy breathing, etc. but are really not going as hard as they can.

They never give it their all although it may look that way. The actor is sometimes hard to spot, but once you do, they do not go unnoticed.

The actor sees some results but will never get to their full potential because of not giving it everything they’ve got.

The Complainer

This is the person who complains that everything is “too hard”, hurts their knees, “can’t” because of this or that, “was up all night”, is too tired, etc. They are always looking for an excuse out of a situation and avoid hard work at all costs.

They never seem to have a good day as there is always something to complain about. Anything that is thrown at them, good or bad, is seen as “another obstacle” in their day.

The complainer sees little or no results simply because of excuses.

The Historian

The past, the past, the past. The historian is so caught up on what happened in the past that they never fully live in the present. They always bring up how great of an athlete they were, or how popular they were in high school, or how they won a game at the buzzer in 4th grade.

They are living in the past and that it is hindering their present and future. They will say things like “well I used to be able to do this exercise” instead of working hard at something they can currently do. Or they will talk themselves out of an exercise becasue they cannot do the same weight they could do “back in the day.”

The historian is too caught up in the past to be able to dictate their present or future.

The Doer

Have you ever known someone that just seems to have everything in order? This person finds time to workout, hangs out with family and friends, reads lots of books, relaxes, go on walks, etc. It seems as though they are able to do anything. This is the doer.

They simply get the job done. They don’t complain, they complete.

Instead of talking about the past or looking far into the future, they are living in the present. They understand that today is the only day they have and that tomorrow is never guaranteed.

They learn from past mistakes instead of allowing it to haunt them. They see their past successes as a blessing, but know they must focus on the present.

The doer is someone we all want to be and can be! Being the doer is not easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and focus each and everyday. The doer makes each day his or her masterpiece. They dominate life. They dictate what happens to them, they don’t allow circumstances to dictate for them.

Work on becoming the doer!

You need to ask yourself, “which category do I fall under?” and “How can I change my current situation to become the doer instead of the actor, complainer, or historian?”

None of us are perfect, and I write this post to myself as much as I am writing it to you. I have things I must work on, and they are something I work on everyday.

Nothing is ever going to be perfect. But if you want to start living a happier, healthier life you must start with the NOW, the day that you have been granted. Forget about the past, stop the complaining, suck it up, and go to work on creating the environment and life you want.

Whether this be in your fitness, your job, relationships, life, etc. Go out and start doing the things that will take you to where you want to be, and start today!

Want to be more fit? Start eating healthier and exercising, today. Want to have better relationships? Start hanging out with friend and family more, rather than playing video games every night. Want more out of life? Figure out what that means to you, then go after it each day.

As I write this, I am getting fired up to be better. I always want to be working on becoming the best I can be and there are times like these that a little kick in the butt can get you back on track.

If anything, this post motivated me to get better and be better! If you feel the same, leave a comment below and let me know. Or at least hit that ‘Like’ button before you leave.

I appreciate each one of you. Time to be a doer!

Photo Credit: Rennett Stowerfranklinaz, and 2bmolar.


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