Sunday Coffee Talk 6.0

Sunday (Afternoon) Coffee Talk 6.0

Quotes, Tips, Motivation, Workouts, And More

What an incredible week it has been back in the home town and back in my workout element. It was great to be back with Levi Seekins and company getting in some great workouts and shooting some amazing videos that will be coming to you this week. After a wedding last weekend, this week has been filled with all kinds of activities including some serious lifting sessions, playing basketball and getting in lots of tennis with friends.

It is always fun to switch things up when it comes to cardio. My sprints will start back up this week, but I know basketball and tennis will start to be a part of my “fun workouts” again. It is all about movement, so find something you enjoy and start doing it.

Quotes for the Week:

  • “Health is the thing that makes you feel that NOW is the best time of the year.” -Franklin P. Adams

It is incredible the difference you will feel when you eat healthy and exercise regularly. You wake up with energy, eliminate midday lulls, and have an extra spring in your step. If you haven’t already, head over and grab your free report so you can take the three week challenge. I want you to experience the difference you feel when you start changing your health.

As one of my friends said this week, “once you get started and start seeing results, its hard to stop!” Get started today!

  • “You can set yourself up to be sick, or you can choose to stay well.” -Wayne Dyer

Being healthy and living healthy is a choice. If you want to eat junk and not exercise, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Start taking control of your health so you can set yourself up for a great future. Its not always about the now. Sure we all want to look good, but more importantly you should want to feel good and live a full, vibrant life.

  • “You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be.” -David Viscott

Like anything in life, getting in shape takes time. You cannot expect immediate results. Many people expect to see results within a month after treating their bodies poorly for years. Just as it took time to get out of shape, it will also take time to get in shape and get healthy.

Start focusing on where you would like to be instead of getting discouraged about where you are now. I am not saying to live in the future, but set goals and get after them each and everyday!

Workout of the Week:

This week was filled with tons of amazing workouts that I will be sharing with you soon. Tomorrow I will post a video of the workout below so be sure to check back for that.

My great friend Levi calls this workout a “warmup” however this could be done as a part of any workout. Take a look (please note that I will be posting the video tomorrow with full explanations of the exercises):

  1. Up-Over-Back-Down Pull-Ups
  2. Regular Pull-Ups
  3. Side-to-Side Pull-Ups
  4. Towel Pull-Ups (left hand)
  5. Towel Pull-Ups (right hand)

Pick a number to perform each of the exercises above and try to stick with that number for the entire set. After completing each set, you can bump your number down or stay the same depending on how you feel.

For example, I would try and complete all the exercises above doing 10 repetitions each with 30-60 seconds rest in between. After completing all the exercises, rest for 45-90 seconds and repeat. For the second set I may choose to do 8 reps each or stick with 10 depending on how I am feeling.

For beginners, you can do 2-4 pull-ups or assisted pull-ups. Intermediate can range from 4-8 pull-ups and advanced is anything above eight. This workout is very demanding so be sure you are doing all the reps perfectly. Check back tomorrow for the video. It’s good stuff!

Inspiration for the Week:

  • “To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet, and mental approach.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold says it perfectly in this quote, if you want success you must dedicate yourself to success. Getting healthy takes time and you must get motivated and be on the right plan to get that done!

Dedicate yourself this week to getting better. Focus your efforts on eating healthy and sticking to your workouts. Set yourself up for success in the future by getting better each day!

Stay Tuned…

After spending a week in California I have tons of workouts to give you plus so great tips and stories to share. Be on the lookout for some videos over on our YouTube Channel and more great posts on the blog. Lots to look forward to this week!

Making this week count…

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