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  6. Anton

    Hi Dennis, once again thanks for writing this article, it’s simple and specific and I’m excited to give it a try. I just have a question, I’ve been trying for several months now to get that rip abs I once had when I was in high school yet I always seem to fall short. I completely stopped eating junk foods and rice (which based on your article, may have been a mistake). I only eat chicken, fish, a lot of vegetables, fruits and my whey protein shake. Yes I got a little rip everywhere except my abs and what’s worse is that I lost mass. the “six pack” is somewhat showing but there is still that layer of fat especially on my lower abdominal and that on the side which I cannot seem to get rid of. I guess my question is, when do you time your meals to get the maximum effect? I work nights so I guess it might be different from one who works during the day. Example, when I get home from work around 7 or 8 am, I eat chicken, my veggies, maybe a mango for dessert and my whey protein shake then after I go to bed. Is that advisable? Sorry for the novel = )

    • Dennis

      Hey Anton,

      The advice I always give people is to eat when you are hungry and until you are satisfied. The only time I ever time my meals are after workouts. This is when I will eat the majority of my carbohydrates for the day (I will eat them within 30-60 minutes after a tough workout). Other than that, I always eat when I get hungry. If you are eating the right foods (as were mentioned in the article), you will naturally burn tons of fat. Plus, if you are lifting weights and doing some sprints a few times per week, you will replace that unwanted fat with lean muscle. Keep working hard. Let me know if any other questions come up. Hope this helps.


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  8. Joe

    You need to look into IIFYM. You’re living in the past on your diet man! There’s no clean/dirty foods. Just eat at a deficit and get your macros in and you’ll get ripped!

    • Dennis Heenan

      Living in the past is an interesting statement. I would much rather eat foods from the past than the garbage that is out there today. Give me some grass fed free range beef any day over the processed fast food of today. Second, I NEVER count calories. Eat the right foods (and as much as you want) and naturally burn fat. I agree that you can burn fat by eating a deficit, but the IIFYM diet is much more of a hassle than what I follow. Every meal I eat is incredibly delicious and nutritious. Plus I am setting myself up for lifelong health, not just short term “look goodedness.” I appreciate the comment!

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