Resistance Sprinting Workout

I was able to take on this sprinting workout recently and it was an absolute killer. If you are looking to switch up some of your cardio workouts, this is a great alternative. It will challenge not only your cardio but your leg and core strength as well.

This workout will help build tons of power and it can be done with just one piece of equipment. Below is the link to the band that we were using when doing this workout:

==> Superbands

Take a look at the workout below, and be sure to stay tuned to the end for the little blooper we put together for you. The numbers and workout description are below the video:

The Workout:

Place three cones about 15-20 feet from your starting point. They should be spread out 8-10 feet from each other. Have one partner on one side of the band, with the other partner on the other side ready to sprint.

The first partner will sprint to the first cone, back peddle back to the start then immediately sprint to the second cone. He will then back peddle to the start and sprint to the third cone. That is considered one rep, and you will complete 4 total reps (or 12 total sprints to the cones).

After you complete the 12 cone touches, you will then proceed to do 5 back peddling sprints followed by a slow lunge back to the start.

For the back peddle, you should go out to about 10-15 feet in distance. Make sure you perform the lunges with great form. Your legs will be burning but you have got to push through.

Workout Breakdown:

12 cones touches
5 back peddles followed by a slow lunge
Repeat for 3 full rounds

After completing each round, rest as your partner goes or if you are working alone take a 1-2 1/2 minute break.

Note on setting the resistance: Make sure you are giving the person sprinting enough to make the workout challenging. He/She will be able to tell you if they need more or less resistance so be sure to communicate with each other.

You can complete this workout the exact same way as we did in the video, or you can simply sprint straight forward each time to a set spot with a back peddle back. Just be sure you are pushing yourself each time to get better and stronger.

Beginners may want to start by doing less repetitions and build up to doing the full workout. To start try doing 1-2 total sets (3-6 cone touches) with 2-3 back peddle sprints and lunges. Once you get in better shape you can bump up the repetitions.

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