Questions When Training

3 Questions To Always Ask Yourself When Training

When you are at the gym training, you are there to get results. What is the point of going if you are not doing something that is benefiting your health and overall well being?

I see lots of mistakes being made at the gym, and many times they are minor ones that can easily be avoided by asking three simple questions. If you want to start seeing better results, you must start asking yourself these three questions before and during each of your workouts:

1. Am I pushing myself hard enough?

You are the only one that can truly answer that question. And when answering it, you must be honest with yourself.

If you are serious about getting more fit, then you have to get serious about your workouts. This means constantly improving, getting stronger, faster, and more fit.

Your body can handle more than you think, so don’t be afraid to push yourself. This does not mean to workout longer or go more days a week, but you must be sure that during the times you are at the gym, you stay focused on what you are doing.

As the great John R. Wooden once said “Give me 100 percent. You can’t make up for a poor effort today by giving 110 percent tomorrow. You don’t have 110 percent. You only have 100 percent, and that’s what I want from you right now.”

Always give 100% effort in your workouts. You can’t make up for today by going harder tomorrow.

2. Am I focused right now?

Focus is huge in a workout as it allows you to keep the intensity high. Lack of focus will lead to lower intensity, less weight being lifted, and poor form.

If you are performing an exercise and looking around the gym to see what others are doing or looking to see who is watching you, you are not focused. Do you think when Michael Jordan was on the free throw line with the game on the line, that he noticed the crowd or anything else around him? Of course not.

He was focused on one thing: making the shot!

This is the kind of focus you should display when working out. Don’t be talking or looking around or trying to look cool. Focus on the exercise at hand and get it done with perfect form!

3. Do I have a plan and a goal?

Having no plan and no goal for your workout is a recipe for disaster. You cannot just go into the gym and “wing it” and expect to have a good workout. Prepare a plan ahead of time and write out a few goals that you would like to accomplish that day.

For example, the other day I wanted to complete all three sets of 10-7 bench press with 205 pounds. That was one of my goals for the workout. It got me motivated, focused, and pumped for my workout that day!

Having a written plan of what you will be doing and goals you would like to accomplish will keep you on track, eliminate distractions, and eliminate wasting time.

Asking the three simple questions above can make or break your workout. If you answered “no” to any of the questions, I encourage you to fix it immediately. I can guarantee you will start seeing better results if you can answer ‘YES’ to all three of the questions above before going into each workout!

What other questions do you ask yourself when going in for a workout? I would love to hear below:

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