Performance Over Prevention

The importance of training for performance cannot be overlooked. As you will learn about in the video below, when you train for performance you are also training for prevention. 

This means not only are you able to get incredibly lean and fit, you are also able to recover better and prevent injury. 

Lucky for you, I was able to get Injury Expert Rick Kaselj to put together a special video just for you about the importance of training for performance as an athlete. And as you know, we are ALL athletes. Take a look at what Rick had to say:

Pretty awesome stuff… Now before you click off this page, be sure to also check out the interview I did with Rick recently while we were in Vegas recently. There are tons of great little tips and tricks you can take from this video, so be sure to take some notes.

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What I love about what Rick said, was the fact that we CAN get back to pain free workouts by just taking a few small steps. I know for myself, I have been through plenty of injuries or tweaks just because I did not warm-up properly or do some kind of cool down.

Now that I spend a lot more time in front of a computer, with my workouts still very very athletic based, it’s that much more important to take the necessary steps in getting in a great 5-10 minute dynamic warm-up and cool down as Rick talked about.

I hope you enjoyed these two videos, and if you want to see what I have been doing before my workouts to prevent injury, be sure to visit the link below:

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