Just Start!

I’ll be honest, the last several weeks I have had a really hard time getting motivated to workout. I’ve used all the excuses… “I am tired”, “I’ll do it later”, “my back hurts”, “I just don’t feel like it today”, “I am too busy”… And on and on it goes… Can any of you relate? … [Read more…]

Most Popular Workouts of 2013?

Now this should be no surprise to all of us, however, it is pretty exciting because as I will explain below you can actually cancel your gym membership using this style of training properly. In a recent study done by The American College of Sports Medicine, researchers found that the most popular workouts of 2013 are … [Read more…]

Interview with Jason Hardy

Ripped To Shreds! Interview with Jason Hardy This interview has been long overdue as this is something I have been dying to share. I’ve known Jason ever since the 6th grade while going to school with his sister. It wasn’t until about 9-10 months ago, however, that Jason and I connected again and started discussing … [Read more…]

Performance Over Prevention

The importance of training for performance cannot be overlooked. As you will learn about in the video below, when you train for performance you are also training for prevention.  This means not only are you able to get incredibly lean and fit, you are also able to recover better and prevent injury.  Lucky for you, … [Read more…]

Get Lean Cycle

Imagine for a second that you NEVER had to suffer through another boring cardio session again… Or a super strict, time consuming, “keep you hungry all day” diet. How would that make you feel? The ability to eat what you want, when you want. Train for 15-20 minutes and know immense fat burning is taking … [Read more…]

Interview with Seth Tourje

I am honored today to have the opportunity to share an interview I did recently with a friend from college, Seth Tourje. Seeing where Seth is now compared to when he was in college is nothing short of amazing. This guy has transformed his life in a variety of ways including his health and fitness. … [Read more…]

When To Eat Carbohydrates To Get Ripped

You see it and hear it everywhere… “You must avoid carbohydrates if you want to get lean…” If you are still thinking like this, you are very mistaken. The fact is, carbohydrates are NEEDED and a MUST if you ever want to get lean and ripped.  => Click here to learn about ‘Micro-Patterning’ The key … [Read more…]

What’s My Beef With Cardio?

There were cardio machines lining the wall with a beautiful view of the city… Every single machine was filled with people galavanting along while checking out the view. Now picture this… Someone taking in the same view but burning double, if not triple the calories and fat in half the time.  Yea, that was me… … [Read more…]