MMA Bodyweight Revolution [No Equipment Needed]

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egan3-300x191The last few weeks I have been in contact with MMA great, Egan Inoue. We have been discussing workout styles and he mentioned to me that he has been doing some amazing bodyweight training lately (and you all know that is right up my ally).

Anyways, take a look at what Egan wrote in this email:

“One woman, in her 40’s, DREAMED of one day being able to do one single pull-up. But after using these Hawaiian training secrets (using NO equipment), she can now pump out 7 reps.

Then there’s one man who never played a sport in his life and wasn’t able to do a single pushup, but once he used these Hawaiian training secrets, he can bust out 10 EASY.

One client lost 65 pounds in 8 months using these exact no-equipment extreme conditioning workouts.

We’re just scratching the surface. The part I was most amazed at was an ENTIRE group of women used these same combination of workouts 3-4 days a week and ran the Honolulu marathon in under 5 hours… With NO long distance training.”

Sounds pretty legit doesn’t it?

Just like myself, Egan loves high intensity bodyweight workouts and finds himself on a regular basis training his top MMA fighters with them. 

As Egan likes to say:

“Look like a fighter, training like a fighter, and don’t get hit like a fighter.”

I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of that!

Here’s the thing, Egan is 47 and in better shape than most 20-year olds. Plus, he is the guy that is responsible for helping fighters and actors stay in tip top shape so they can stay lean and ripped while meeting the demand their jobs require.

Put simple: this guys knows what he’s talking about.

Here is a sample workout I grabbed for you, that will take just 3-minutes to complete:

Complete 30 seconds of each exercise, then move to the next with no rest!

-Sprawl to Knee (right)
-Sprawl to Knee (left)
-Squat Punches
-Squat Push Kicks (right)
-Squat Push Kicks (left)
-Squat Punches

Here is a video of Egan performing this workout on YouTube:

You should definitely give this a try. It’s different, it’s fun, and it will really get that heart rate up.

This week, Egan has an great deal happening on some of his best MMA bodyweight workouts.

If you are interesting in changing up your workouts, burning tons of fat, and get fit like a fighter… You have got to go take a look at these workouts:

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As you heard earlier…

Look like a fighter, train like a fighter, and don’t get hit like a fighter.” 

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