Kettlebell Benefits

Kettlebell Benefits

kettlebell benefitsIn the past few years Kettlebell training has taken the fitness industry by storm, and for good reason. This one simple movement, with just one piece of exercise equipment brings more results and benefits than you can imagine. Plus you can get an incredible kettlebell workout done in just a few minutes and still see great results!

Below I have put together a list of benefits that you can expect to see when doing kettlebell swings and kettlebell workouts. After reading through these, you might want to think about taking this movement more seriously:

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

1. Burn tons of fat

In a recent study done by the American Council of Exercise, kettlebell swings showed to burn 20.2 calories per minute. Yes, you read that correctly, 20.2 per minute! In comparison, a spin class will burn you 9.8 calories per minute. So kettlebell swings will burn double the amount of calories and fat, plus you can get your workout done in half the time!

2. It combines cardio and strength training

Not only will you get an incredible cardio workout doing kettlebell training, but you will also build strength throughout the entire body. You use nearly every muscle in your body while doing kettlebell swings so you are really boosting your functional and overall strength.

3. Boosted Metabolism

Kettlebell workouts will allow you to burn fat for hours after your workout is over.

4. Perfect solution for busy people

As was stated, you can get an incredible workout in just minutes doing kettlebell swings. It doesn’t take long to see results and get the benefits when doing kettlebell swings. You can say goodbye to workouts that last for hours!

5. Build lean muscle

No need to worry about getting “bulky” when doing kettlebell workouts. Instead you will build a ripped lean frame that looks more like Leon Rosborough than Arnold Swarchenegger.

6. Easy to master

The kettlebell movements are very easy to learn and you can start doing them right away. After 5-10 swings you will have it down!

7. Anyone can do them

Young, old, overweight, or in great shape: Everyone can and should be doing kettlebell swings and will see amazing benefits!

8. Easy on the body

Although very challenging, kettlebell swings are not demanding on your body and joints. Sure you may get sore but they are not nearly a tough on your joints as typical cardio workouts.

benefits of kettlebells9. No need for a gym

You need one piece of equipment, and it can be done in the comfort of your own home. Can’t beat that!

10. Its FUN!

Being that kettlebells are very portable, you can choose to do them anywhere at anytime. Change things up and get a workout done in the park or on the beach. No need to go to the gym to get in a results driven workout when you have a kettlebell by your side.

11. Infinite combinations

There is so much that can be done with kettlebells. The combination of movements and different exercises is endless so get creative!

12. Elevated Focus

No more doing mindless exercises like running on a treadmill or riding the elliptical. Kettlebell training forces you to focus on each rep which is how exercising should be.

13. Doesn’t require tons of time

A quick 5-10 minute kettlebell workout can go a long way when going hard.

14. Simplified workouts

Instead of worrying about what piece of exercise equipment you will be needing next, all you need to worry about is one single piece of equipment for your entire workout.

15. Increased coordination

Most kettlebell exercises involve using many of your muscles and joints at the same time. These movements will help enhance coordination.

16. Great core strength

All kettlebell exercises involve using your core. Each movement will help better stabilize and strengthen your core muscles. Plus they will help make your abs really “pop”!

17. Develop functional strength

Whether this means better posture, picking up boxes easier, or simply having more energy; kettlebell swings will help with everyday functional strength and movements.

18. Its been around for a long time and it still works!

In a quote from David Willoughby, a former weightlifting champion from the 1920’s, he states that two armed swings “brings into action and develops practically every group of muscles on the back of the body and legs, and a good many others besides…. If you have time on your schedule for only one back exercise, make it this one…”

19. Tim Ferriss loves them!

I love anything Tim Ferriss does and one thing he has studied is kettlebell swings. Here is what he says about them: “The king of exercises-the two handed kettlebell swing- is all you need for dramatic changes.

20. It simply works!

If you want to see results, and results fast, kettlebell swings are a great exercise to turn too. They deliver far too many benefits for you to pass up. You can very easily add them to your current exercise or workout routine or do them as your whole workout.

This list of 20 benefits above is a short list when it comes to the benefits you will see from kettlebell training. If there was one piece of exercise equipment I recommend investing in it would be a kettlebell. You can do them anywhere at anytime, and will burn tons of fat, build lean muscle, and get into incredible shape!

What are your thoughts on kettlebells? Leave you comments below!

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