Jump Workout To Build Your Abs And Legs

With help from Levi Seekins, I have put together another incredible video for you today. This is a very challenging workout and will really help build you legs, abs, and improve your cardio. Be sure to start with a comfortable box height when first starting out.

This workout could be placed into your routine as a finisher or as part of a leg day. It will bring a great burn and will help define all the muscles in your legs! Take a look at the video below and the description below the video:

The Workout:

  • Single Leg Front Leap Ups: 30 seconds
  • Single Leg Side Leap Ups: 30 seconds
  • Two Footed Front Jumps: 30 seconds
  • Two Footed Side Jumps: 30 seconds

You will perform 30 seconds of each of the exercises above, and will take a 45 second break in between each exercise.

After completing all the exercises, rest for 90 seconds and repeat. You will repeat this workout for a total of three sets.

My favorite thing to do with this workout is to put it at the end of a leg day as a finisher. It is incredibly intense and brings great results. As a finisher you can get away with doing two full sets instead of three. Just be sure to keep it intense and focused throughout!

Also, if you want to see an example of one of the best workout partners, take note on what Levi does in this video. Levi was encouraging me throughout the entire workout and was pushing me to go hard the entire time. No slacking, always getting better!

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