Max Papendieck


Max Papendieck

Quick Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 6′ 2″
Current Weight: 180

How did you get started in fitness?

BASKETBALL! I started playing ball when I was 5 years old. Obviously, when your so young fitness isn’t a issue. But once I got into my teenage years I really started paying attention to how I could get an advantage over other players, and fitness was the number one way. But it was when I started playing college basketball when I really took my fitness and health seriously. Now that I am a model, I continuously have to pay great attention to my health and fitness.

What motivated you to change your body and the way you look?

Well, right now I am a full-time model. If I am out of shape and unhealthy, I don’t work! So I really have to try and look my best at all times. It is much harder to workout on your own, so I always think back to when I was playing basketball and how hard the coach pushed us everyday. If I can get close to that feeling when I workout on my own I am pretty happy with myself.

My motivation now is if I have an upcoming photo-shoot, or even just a casting for a big job, that I need to be in shape for.

But I try to keep in shape at all times. Even when I used to play basketball I would always work hard at my fitness.To help my performance and confidence on the court, but also so I looked good off the court. Everyone likes to look and feel good about themselves, right?! Haha!

What is your favorite workout routine? And what workout routine works best for you?

Right now my favorite workout would be the rowing machine. I love lifting weights, and I love cardio, so when I use the rowing machine I feel like I’m getting the ‘swole’ feeling like I get from weights, but I’m also getting a good sweat!

I do one of two rowing machine workouts:

  1. The first is 4 intervals of 1000m with a 2 minute break in between each interval.
  2. The second workout I do is 8 intervals of 500m with a minute break in between each interval.

If you can keep your pace under 1:50 per 500m from start to finish its a crazy workout.

I like doing one of these workouts to finish off a heavy weights session.

What does your diet look like?

I have always eaten healthy. Whenever I eat out I always choose the healthy option. I have been like this for as long as I can remember. But for the last month I have been on a pretty strict diet. I have been following the guidelines found here on BodyFit Formula and have seen great results. Now that’s not a plug for my friend Dennis, that’s the truth!

My daily diet looks something like this:

  • Breakfast: 4 or 5 egg whites with veggies. The specific veggies depends on what I have at the time but its usually a mix of onions, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, spinach.
  • Mid morning snack: Half a can of beans, with corn and some tuna. This is usually after I workout.
  • Lunch: Steamed veggies with some fish or chicken. Or a chicken/fish salad.
  • Mid afternoon snack: More corn and tuna.
  • Dinner: Chicken stir-fry with a heap of veggies.

I’ll eat this Mon-Sat and then Sunday I stuff myself with anything and everything I have craved all week!

If you could pick only five exercises to do, what would they be?

  1. Bench Press
  2. Overhead Press with quarter squat (to get work the whole body)
  3. Rowing Machine
  4. Chin-Ups
  5. Sprints

What is you preference when it comes to doing cardio?

I used to do long slow cardio everyday. I would run 5-10km a day. But I find it very boring and like it has been stated many times on BodyFit Formula, it gives you slow results. So I will only do slow cardio once or twice a week to lose some water weight. I really enjoy high intensity interval training. It reminds me of playing basketball.

(Note from Dennis: If you want results fast, high intensity training must be part of your workout routine!)

What supplements do you take?

  • Whey protein
  • Amino Acids
  • Multi-vitamin
  • Fish-oils

Sometimes I take a pre-workout to fire me up before a workout, but lately I have just been having a shot of coffee to get me going.

What advice would you give others just starting on their fitness journey?

Getting started is the hardest part. It’s all downhill (things get rolling fast!) once you are in a healthy routine. One of the most motivating things is seeing results. Once you push yourself through the first couple weeks, and you start seeing results it gets much easier to stick to your diet and fitness plan.

What motivates you each day to keep going?

To make my parents proud. But more importantly to be proud of myself.

Any inspirational quotes you want to share?

Well I have two tattoos with quotes that I live by..

  • “The time is now.”
  • “To Cross the Rubicon”

To help me explain this, I’m going to quote Wikipedia: “Crossing the Rubicon” means to pass a point of no return, and refers to Julius Caesar’s army’s crossing of the river in 49 BC, which was considered an act of insurrection.” Basically it means to take risks. To take a chance and believe in yourself.

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


What has been your biggest accomplishment in terms of fitness?

Playing four years of collegiate basketball.

What are the biggest fitness “myths” that you hear or see people doing everyday?

People eating ‘low-fat’ or 99% fat free labelled foods. Most of these foods are full of sugar. If you really want to lose weight you should eat unprocessed foods like veggies and meat.

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(Note from Dennis: For more pictures, inspiration, and workout ideas be sure to follow Max on Twitter as he regularly tweets what he is doing. Highly inspiring!)

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