Leon Rosborough Interview

Leon Rosborough

Quick Stats:

Age: 27
Height: 6′ 2-1/2″
Current Weight: 190

How did you get started in fitness?

I have been playing basketball since I was knee high, my father had me into every sport as a kid solely to keep me out of trouble and occupied. I played baseball, basketball, soccer, and cross-country. So I have always been active and had that athletic build just from all my years of practice & conditioning.

What motivated you to change your body and the way you look?

So after graduating from college I stopped running and wanted to look like the hulk. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking but I wasn’t doing it the right way at all. I wasn’t watching what I ate, it was just all lifting and 500 grams of protein a day (joking). It was fast food at midnight: 2 double cheeseburgers, large fries, spicy chicken sandwich then pass out!!!

It wasn’t until a basketball offer to play professionally in Australia that changed it all. So a lot of my initial transformation I have to give credit to friends Isaiah Barney, Mike Kelly, Levi Seekins, Arch Cullen & the whole city of Griffith.

Without going to Australia to play basketball and learning to cook for myself at times, I never would have made that transition. They eat in more over there (in Australia) and it was more salads, grilled chicken, grilled fish, etc. After the first two weeks of practice and eating somewhat decent I had dropped 15 pounds. And once coming back home I kind of made it a lifestyle. Now I am down 30 pounds and I’m slim & trim!!!

What is your favorite workout routine? And what workout routine works best for you?

It’s actually a workout my pops came up with. I don’t have a clever name for it but we just call it the GIANT CIRCUIT. I am pretty sure others do it but its basically an “upper body torture time.” It goes like this:

  • Incline Chest on the smith rack:  30 reps
  • Seated chest fly: 30 reps
  • Shoulder press: 30 reps
  • 45 pound plate shoulder raises: 30 reps
  • Tricep Pull Downs: 30 reps
  • Tricep Seated Dips: 30 reps
  • Seated Row: 30 reps
  • Back cable pull downs: 30 reps
  • Using bicep machine: Left arm: 30 reps Right arm: 30 reps Both Arms: 30 reps

Followed by:

  • 10 pull-ups
  • 20 dips

We do this 4 times through, once or twice a week!! It’s a beast but for me I like moving around going from machine to machine and just getting after it!

What does your diet look like?

Clean & colorful. Lunch & dinner is chicken. I could honestly eat it 7 days a week simply because it’s so versatile. I can BBQ it on the grill, bake it, make a teriyaki stir fry, etc, etc. I also love fish. It’s very light and lean and easy to prepare. The vegetable I am big on is spinach; call me Popeye! I see everyone has been eating kale as of late but to me spinach has been working so I am sticking with it. Mixed veggies are also a favorite of mine: steamed cabbage & carrots with some onion and garlic.

Black beans, a lot of fruit when I get a sweet tooth, and almond butter has been a new found treasure that I am addicted to. I put it on my protein pancakes, in my oatmeal, and on my fruit.

For breakfast it’s typically the same: Egg whites, oatmeal with blueberries, apples or a fruit and veggie blend drink. Snacks are cottage cheese, veggies, and beef jerky. I drink 150 ounces of water a day and regularly hit the bathroom. I  typically have 3 cheat meals a week. But I will be going to vegas for my birthday in a few weeks so the closer it gets, the stricter I’ll get 🙂

If you could pick only five exercises to do, what would they be?

  1. Pull-Ups
  2. Push-Ups
  3. Dips
  4. Leg Raises
  5. 100 meter sprints!!

What is you preference when it comes to doing cardio? 

I enjoy everything to be honest: I spin, I play basketball, I sprint. There are two hills by where I live and  by where my girlfriend lives so we started doing hill sprints x 10. Those are great but then I have days where I enjoy a nice 5 mile slow cardio jog. I change it up, that way I don’t get bored.

What supplements do you take?

Fish oil, glutamine, vitamin A-E. Protein within half hour of finishing workout. June is my dry month so I haven’t taken any pre workout or amino acids. But come July I think for my heavy leg, chest & circuit days I’ll take my Super Pump & Size On.

What advice would you give others just starting on their fitness journey?

Figure out your goals before you start. I just told someone the other day, you don’t even know where you want to go but your getting mad at not seeing results. You haven’t defined what you would like to achieve. So first set some goals and be realistic!

STAY LEGAL! I know people have their opinions on stuff sold at GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Bodybuilding.com, etc. but there is no need to ever turn to needles or any kind of illegal supplement!

And most importantly BE CONSISTENT!! 

What motivates you each day to keep going?

My dad is 50 years old and he will be turning 51 in July. He looks like he is in his mid 30’s and puts up heavier weight then I do. Seeing him wake up at 4:30am to hit the gym before work  and run circles around me is all the motivation I need.

Any inspirational quotes you want to share?

  • Everyone wants to be in shape, but not everyone wants to workout… It takes dedication!
  • You cannot out train a bad diet! Abs are made in the kitchen!

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


What has been your biggest accomplishment in terms of fitness?

Developing a mental approach to workouts. It is what has helped me so much when I get to rep 19 and my shoulders are burning, just to have that mental toughness to push through. I personally didn’t always have that. I take working out very serious so for me having a focused attitude let’s me tear the muscle in the gym and have the discipline to repair it in the kitchen.

What are the biggest fitness “myths” that you hear or see people doing everyday?

  • Taking fat burners with fast food will help me not get fat
  • Drinking water with fatty foods makes it healthy
  • People thinking they can out train a bad diet
  • Just because something is low fat doesn’t mean you can eat more of it!!

Any final thoughts or comments?

Everyone is different so find what works for you. Take it one day at a time! Rome wasn’t built in a day so it may take months or even years to get where you want to be. But just like everything else in life, working out is hard, so you must commit!

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