How To Stick To Your Workout Program

Five Ways To Stick To Your Workout Program

Starting a new workout program can be one of the most intimidating tasks to take on. Although results can happen quickly, they certainly do not happen overnight. I see far too many people get jazzed up to start a new workout program only to see them quit a few weeks later.

Now I understand stopping a program if you are not getting results, but many times you will see people stop just before the real results are about to kick in. Once you find a program that is proven to bring results, you then must ensure yourself that you are going to finish it.

Many years ago when I completed my very first workout program completely through to the end, the accomplishment itself felt amazing, let alone the results I saw. Since then, I have put myself through countless workout programs; some being 30 days long while others have been a few months. Whatever the case, I have learned a lot along the way about sticking to the workout program all the way to the end.

Below I would like to share with you five simple ways you can ensure you stick to your new workout program:

1. Put it on the calendar:

Just like when you start anything new, the first thing you must do when about to start a new workout program is put it in your calendar. You should include the start date and the end date. You can also mark off days on your calendar to note when you are a forth of the way through the program and half way through. These dates will help keep you motivated to finish when you reach them.

If you find that the program you are on is too long, then simply find a new program. You don’t have to commit to doing 90 straight days of a workout program. That right there is an intimidating task. Start with something small like 30-40 days. Then once completing that, you can move to bigger programs if you wanted.

2. Schedule your workouts:

The next step you should take after choosing your start date, is to put all your workouts into your calendar. Just like scheduling a meeting for work, coffee with a friend, or a date night with your partner; your workouts should be scheduled in the same way.

You wouldn’t miss a meeting for work or a date night with your husband or wife would you? Just like you wouldn’t miss these scheduled meetings, you should hold your workouts as a high priority too. Once they are in your schedule and planner, stick to them.

We can all find time to fit in a few 30 minute workouts per week. If you still feel you cannot find time, then wake up a few minutes earlier to complete your workouts or do them on your lunch break. Simply find the time, schedule it, and stick to it!

3. Get prepared the week before/weekend before:

You have everything set in your calendar and are ready to go. Depending on when you have chosen as your start date, be sure to have yourself properly prepared for what is ahead. This means having your refrigerator filled with healthy foods, workout cloths and shoes all good, and a place to workout.

If you have not worked out in a while, you may want to take the week prior to start getting in some light exercise so you are prepared to take on the workouts. One thing I always do the weekend before starting a new program (I tend to always start new programs on Monday) is make sure all my food for the next week is cooked. I tend to do this on Sunday afternoon so my fridge is always stocked with healthy foods for that week.

Having healthy foods on hand is the easiest way to eat healthy. If you prepare your food ahead of time, all you will have to do throughout the week is heat it up and thats it. Pretty good deal.

Do any kind of preparation you may need the week and/or weekend before starting your program so you can hit the ground running on the first day.

4. Make it a public challenge:

One of the best ways to hold yourself to doing something is to make it known to others. Social Media makes this incredibly easy. Let others know that you are about to start a new program and then keep them updated on your daily successes.

By doing this, you will have others holding you accountable to make sure you stick to the plan. Plus, others will be expecting you to get results so this will motivate you to stay strong to the program. And more than likely, when you tell others about what you are doing and updating them often about it, you will inspire those around you to start their own program.

5. Find inspiration:

Sticking with a workout program is not an easy task and that is why finding inspiration throughout is going to be huge. Whether this means finding a workout partner, reading different quotes, taking before and after pictures, letting everyone know you are going to do it, etc. Figure out what will inspire you to stick to your plan, then carry that inspiration with you daily.

Bonus: Just Do It!

As I finished writing my last thought, I got inspired to add in one last point when you are starting a new workout program: Just do it, get after it, and don’t let anything stop you. This short period of time that you are working to get healthy can and will change your life forever.

By putting in this hard work and dedication, it can help you get healthy for a life time. Realize that you are where you are today because of past choices. This is great news though because that also means you can have a direct impact on where you are headed in the future.

If you are out of shape, that didn’t happen by mistake but by choice. It was your decision to not workout and to not eat the right foods. Just as those decisions were yours, you can now take control and turn those choices around.

Make the choice today to change your eating habits, to workout a few times per week, to get better sleep, stress less, play more, and simply enjoy life’s journey. The choices are yours, and it is time to start making the right ones!

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