How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Three Steps To Lose Weight With Zero Exercise 

You may be reading that headline and thinking “how in the world is that possible?” For many people, you may have been working out for years and eating “healthy” to only see little or no results. So I understand that you may be a bit skeptical. However, when done correctly you can easily start losing weight without ever setting foot in a gym.

In previous articles, you have heard me say that 80+ percent of your results will come from the foods you eat. So I am sure you can guess that since we will be discussing how to lose weight without exercise, that this article will pertain to nutrition (and powerful nutrition at that).

No matter what goal you are after, whether that be losing weight or gaining size, it all starts with the foods you eat. Yes, a solid workout plan can help in speeding up the process to getting fit but it always comes back to what you put into your body. No matter what kind of workout plan you are on, if you eat like crap you are going to look and feel that way too. 

Along those same lines, if you eat correctly, you will start melting away unwanted fat and be well on your way to attaining your fitness goals. Below we will go through three simple rules to help you lose weight while doing no exercise at all. This may be a huge change in some of your diets, but if something you are doing right now (or have been doing for years) isn’t working, you have got to change it.

Alright enough talking on my part, lets get down to business and dive into exactly how you should eat in order to lose weight without exercise:

1. Eat Real Food

When you think of the word “real food” think of this: Would a caveman eat that? If the answer is yes, then it is a safe bet that you are eating real food. The concept of eating real food is pretty simple in that you are eating food that is not manmade. Instead, you are focusing on eating foods in there most natural state.

Real foods: vegetables, animals (chicken, beef, etc.), eggs, fish, fruit, nuts, seeds, etc.

Anything a caveman would eat you should be eating too. Thousands of years ago humans were not eating cereal from a box or foods with 37 ingredients in them. Instead we had to eat what was available, REAL FOOD!

We are genetically engineered to eat whole, natural foods. This is what we thrived on for generations and still strive on today. The first step in losing weight without any exercise is to start eating real food!

2. Cut The Crap… Well Mostly!

When I refer to crap in this circumstance I am referring to most man made foods: breads, pastas, cereals, rices, muffins, donuts, pancakes, fried food, candy, chips, cookies, etc. All this stuff is loaded with carbohydrates and if they are processed (which most of them are) they contain loads of refined carbs and sugar.

I am not saying that all carbohydrates are bad, but in the context of this article where we are trying to lose weight with no exercise, too many carbohydrates will greatly hold you back. Please refer to the article below for a better understanding about where I stand with carbs:

Carbohydrate Breakdown

The more active you are, the more you can incorporate carbohydrates. However for someone with a sedentary life, too many carbs will only lead to weight gain. When doing no exercise at all, the only time you should incorporate the junk foods above is on a cheat day (again this is different if you exercise). A cheat day should happen once per week, and only after you have stayed strong to eating the real foods in number one throughout the week.

One cheat day per week is strategically placed in order to help you boost your metabolism back up to allow your body to continue to burn fat. In short, a cheat day is a full day where you can eat anything your heart desires. This includes donuts, pizza, cupcakes, candy, etc. If you stay strong to eating real foods throughout the week, a cheat day will help bring you even better results and will keep you sane as it allows you to eat all the foods you love each week.

3. Don’t Drink Calories

It is just crazy how much our nation enjoys drinking calories. From all the sodas, lattes, sports drinks, juices, mochas, alcohol, etc. we need to learn to steer clear of them. They are loaded with sugar and most times (if not always) will be stored as straight fat. Instead, focus on drinking water and lots of it. Black coffee and unsweetened teas are also ok in moderation but overall you should try sticking to water.

If you simply cut out all the calories you are drinking on a daily basis and focused on drinking water, you would start seeing results almost immediately! And just so you know, diet sodas might not be the best thing to switch too either. For the sake of this article I have included some exclusive content that I sent to BodyFit Members a while back. Below is a newsletter titled “Is Diet Soda Killing Your Results?”. Take a look at that newsletter below if you are interested in further reading about diet drinks:

Is Diet Soda Killing Your Results?

If you are interested in receiving more newsletters like this on a weekly basis, be sure to sign up for your free Ebook, where the weekly newsletter is included.

Welp… Thats All Folks!

Honestly that is all it takes. If you eat real foods, cut down on eating processed foods to one day per week, and focus on drinking water you will be well on your way to incredible weight loss, all while doing no exercise. That is the power of nutrition when done correctly.

I am sure you have heard me say this, but nutrition alone can bring you results. But, It is the combination of proper nutrition and exercise that will greatly speed up those results. So although it is possible to lose weight while not exercising, I still advise that you jump on a workout plan that will speed up the results you are looking for.

This does not mean you have to spend hours at a time in the gym, but even adding 20-30 minutes of intense workouts three times a week will be of great benefit.

So the question is, are you willing to change your diet in order to lose weight? If you don’t feel like working out, the most efficient way to lose weight is by taking part in the three steps above. If you are like a good friend of mine, however, that would never give up his daily fast food then we will have to discuss a different solution. Although it is attainable to lose weight while eating whatever you want, it is far less efficient and you will not be nearly as happy with your results.

To break it down simply, here is a very basic equation:

Calories eaten > calories burned= weight gain
Calories eaten < calories burned= weight loss
Calories eaten = calories burned= maintenance

If you decide to eat whatever you want in hopes of losing weight, the only way to make this happen is by counting calories and portion control. This is terribly inconvenient to do and something no one wants to deal with (and something I don’t advise. I always say, eat when you are hungry and until you are satisfied). You will have to do some major portion control to ensure that you are eating less calories than you burn and it will just be far more hassle than simply putting real food into your body. Plus longer term health problems may also be in the midst by eating too much junk.

With that said, don’t you think it would be much easier to just eat real foods the majority of the time and enjoy your junk foods every once in a while? By doing this, you are setting yourself up for great success, all while doing no exercise!

When eating real foods, you are able to eat when you are hungry and until you are satisfied without having to worry about counting calories or restricting. This seems like a much better solution when it comes to trying to lose weight!

Final Words On Weight Loss Without Exercise

Although it is very possible to lose weight without exercising, I still advise that everyone stays active and gets some sort of exercise into their routine. If exercise is the last thing you ever want to do, then simply find something active you enjoy and do it. Maybe this means going on a hike or playing basketball or playing frisbee at the park. Any activity is better than none!

As you can see, when done correctly it is very attainable to lose weight while not ever setting foot in a gym. Although it is always best to combine proper nutrition and workouts, you can see what a difference eating well can do!

Finally, lets clear the air one more time. I am not against carbohydrates, however, the less active you are the less your body needs. Much of the fitness nation has become “carbophobic” in the last few years when the reality is our bodies need to have carbohydrates, especially when active.

If you want to learn more about carbohydrates and the best time to eat them, be sure to take a look at the articles below:

Carbohydrate Breakdown

Carb Cycling Basics

Carb Cycling Guidelines

I would love to hear your thoughts about this article. Please leave some comments below and continue the conversation!

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