Five Ways To Change Up Your Workout Routine

In yesterday’s article, we discussed just how long your workout programs should last and different signs you should notice to figure out when you should change things up. Today I would like to continue our talk and discuss five different ways you can change your workout routine up to ensure you are always getting better in the gym.

If you want to continue getting stronger and more fit, you must find ways to continue to challenge yourself. If you are not challenging yourself each day in the gym to get better, your results are going to suffer. Below are five ways you can start to change up your workout routine to make sure results continue to come:

1. Increase the intensity

Intensity should be your number one focus when at the gym. The higher intensity your workouts, the better results you will start seeing. Now understand that intensity comes in different forms. For example, lifting heavy weight for lower reps is a very high intensity exercise. You can also start doing circuit workouts, high intensity intervals, super-sets, cut down rest time, etc. which will increase workout intensity.

To keep your body guessing, your workouts should involve a combination of different high intensity exercises. This means mixing heavy lifting with high intensity intervals or cycling through heavy days and lighter higher rep days. Your goal should be to train for anything that gets thrown at you.

Intensity is going to be key when changing up your workouts. Always keep your body guessing.

2. Introduce new exercises

I see people do the same exercises, same machines, reps, sets, weight, etc. for months at a time. After a few weeks (depending on your fitness level) your body adapts and you will stop making progress. Introducing new exercises or even changing the grip or stance of an exercise can do the trick in allowing you to push forward.

3. Start doing super sets

This is one of my favorite ways to change up my workout routine. Super-sets involve doing a few different exercises back to back with little or no rest in between. For example, you could perform squats to push-ups to lunges to pull-ups and that would be one full set. You would then complete that 2-4 times and rest only after completing all four exercises.

Super sets are a great way to add a little cardio into your strength training, bump up the intensity on your workouts, and will bring great results in terms of fat loss.

4. Cycle your reps

As I mentioned, far too many people get stuck on doing the same amount of reps, sets, weight, etc. when they go to the gym each week. A simple solution to this would be to cycle your reps. For example, in week one you would do 10-12 reps on each exercise, week two 8-10 reps, week three 6-8 reps, and week four 4-6 reps. After that you can start over at the beginning.

This style of training will allow for you to build both endurance and strength which is what we are looking for.

5. Change your rep tempo

Changing your rep tempo can be great for challenging you more in the weight room. If you do the same rep tempo all the time your body is going to get used to it. Therefore try slowing things down for a week or two and perform your repetitions very slowly (4-5 seconds down, 4-5 seconds up). This will force you to do less weight but will put your muscles under stress for longer causing you to gain strength.

There are plenty of ways to change up your workout routine, but the five above are the most important. Constantly challenging yourself and getting better each day should be your goal every time you go to workout. If this is your focus, you will see great improvement for extended periods of time.

What others ways help you when changing up your workout routine?
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