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32 Ways To Have More Energy

We have all been there before: 2PM rolls around and it seems as though your energy is at an all time low. You struggle to keep your eyes open, let alone get any work done. Then there are the mornings you wake up (all mornings for some) and you feel like a zombie until about 10AM. Both of these situations are things I have persoanlly experienced, and still do on occasion.

As of late, however, I have been experimenting with different ways of getting more energy throughout the day. And by more energy I do not mean drinking an energy drink or having a large cup of coffee. These do not provide sustainable energy throughout the day, they are just a quick fix. Below, I have written part one of two on different ways you can start having more energy throughout your day by simply changing a one or two things in your daily routine. Plus, each of them will better your overall health and help you to live better:

1. Start with a good nights sleep

We all underestimate the value of a good nights rest. If you are constantly going off of 5 hours of sleep a night, eventually it is going to catch up with you. If you want more energy, sleep is incredibly important. I recommend shooting for 6-8 hours per night depending on the person (some people just do not need as much sleep as others. Figure out what works for you, and stick with it.)

2. Take a cold shower

Nothing better than an ice cold shower to get a quick burst of energy. If you have ever taken an ice cold shower before, you know the feeling of immediate energy that you get and many times you will find this energy will last for hours. Plus, cold showers help with blood circulation, recovery, and strengthens immunity.

3. Wake up at the same time every day

If you have difficulty finding energy in the morning, try having a set wake up time. After a few weeks your body will adjust making it easier and easier to get up in the morning. The easier you wake up, the more energy you will have. Plus, you will soon be able to say goodbye to the alarm clock!

4. Take a walk first thing in the morning

I started doing this recently and it works incredibly well. Walking first thing in the morning will get your blood flowing and wake you up for the day. Even a short 15 minute walk will do the trick.

5. Start with a breakfast high in protein and healthy fats

Having a breakfast high in protein and healthy fats will allow for a long lasting energy. Unlike carbohydrates, that will rush through your body causing an energy crash very quickly, healthy fats and protein will give you hours of sustainable energy to go off of. A great breakfast option would be some eggs, veggies, and bacon or grass fed beef.

6. Use your caffeine wisely

We all know caffeine can be used as a quick pick me up, but over time it can become a huge dependent to get you through your day. Try keeping your coffee and caffeinated teas to earlier in the day so it does not disrupt your sleep cycle.

7. Find time to relax

In the busy world we live in, it is easy to fall into the incredibly tiring rat race without ever taking the time to relax. Relaxation is a perfect solution to your busy day and doing it will bring incredible energy. Find time each day to go relax when needed, and watch as your productivity and energy levels change for the better.

8. Take a power nap

Studies have shown that a 5-15 minute nap can make a huge difference in providing you tons of energy when you hit the 2PM lull. Just make sure you don’t allow yourself to nap much longer than that or it may throw your sleep schedule off at night.

9. Stand up and stretch

We spend so much of the day sitting so it is no wonder why we become tired. Each hour, try to stand up and stretch to get the blood flowing in your body again. 2-5 minutes of stretching can go a long way.

10. Do a quick 3 minute workout

One of the best ways to keep yourself from going back to bed in the morning is a short burst of exercise. This will also work when you hit the midday down period as well. Try doing a quick 3 minute circuit consisting of some push-ups, bodyweight squats, and ab exercises. This will wake your body right up and burn some fat in the process.

11. Get organized

This one is a bit different but much of your energy each day is spent shuffling through papers (causing stress) and searching for documents. Then you get home and your stressed because your house is messy and unorganized. So by organizing your life, you will be less stressed therefore having more energy to spend on things that really matter.

12. Eat foods that make you feel good

No I am not talking about comfort foods like donuts, cupcakes, and candies… I am talking about foods that will truly make you feel good and give you long lasting energy and health. Fill your diet with real foods including chicken, grass fed meats, wild fish, any and all vegetables, coconut oil, grass fed butter, avocado, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. These are the foods that will deliver great energy and make you feel very good (and make you look good too!).

Oh and about those comfort foods… It is ok to throw those in once in a while too! Having those can bring some energy too and when done properly, can burn tons of fat.

13. Listen to music

We all have those songs that we listen to that give us a little “pump up” when we hear them. Music can help get you focused and bring more productivity. Find a few songs to listen to, and plug in your headphones when needed.

14. Eliminate stress

Having too much stress can be a huge energy suck. Not to mention, it is very bad for your overall health. Work on eliminating some stress from your life and you will find that you can replace that stress with a newfound energy.

15. Laugh more

Laughter can cure all, including lack of energy. Surround yourself by people that make you laugh or just watch an episode of Seinfeld or The Office (best shows ever).

16. Read an inspirational book

Reading positive reinforcement can play a huge role in bringing more energy. Whether this is an inspirational quote, a positive book, or motivational article. A few recommendations would be anything by John R Wooden, anything by John C Maxwell, or any of the quotes found HERE!

17. Take a short “vacation”

My wife and I did this recently and found that it was a great way to recharge. All we simply did was had a nice dinner then stayed the night in a hotel. It felt like we were on vacation although we were only about 20 minutes from our house. Now a mini vacation does not mean you have to even stay the night somewhere. Going to the beach or the lake for the day could be the “vacation” that you need to get re-energized.

18. Find competition

My whole life I have always been an incredibly competitive person and this is something that works very well when looking to boost your energy. Think about it, if you challenged your friend to see who could gain ten pounds of muscle first, don’t you think you would be motivated to get it done? Of course you would. That competition would turn into energy each morning when you wake up and would help get you through the day. Along those same lines, engaging in any kind of competition can bring energy. Whether this be in basketball, scrabble, flag football, etc. We all need a little competition in our lives.

19. Play

Whether this means playing frisbee in the park, having fun with your kids, playing football on the beach… Find ways to incorporate more playing into your life. As humans we are meant to have fun and play. So start doing it.

20. Connect with others

Connecting with others can be invigorating as you get to meet new people, hear stories, interact, connect, etc. This is always a great way to get a little boost of energy throughout your day.

21. Cut down the carbohydrates

As we have learned, carbohydrates can play a huge role in draining the energy out of you very quickly. The reason for this is when we eat carbs, our blood sugar levels rise causing a short burst of energy. The problem is, although we will get some immediate energy we will also have an energy crash very soon after (caused by our blood sugar levels falling back down). Instead, start focusing on healthy proteins and fats as these foods will keep your blood sugar on an even keel all day long. You can then incorporate your carbs when needed and at the proper times.

22. Enjoy a piece of dark chocolate

Having chocolate will boost endorphins and also provide a little kick of caffeine. Dark chocolate is one of the best (if not the best) sweets that you can have. I always recommend 72% or higher.

23. Watch an action movie

This wasn’t on the list until I saw The Dark Knight Rises. After seeing that movie, I was so fired up walking out even though it was 3AM (yes I saw the midnight premiere). A few more of my favorites that always get me pumped up are Prefontaine, The Town, and Wolverine.

24. Spend the day at the pool, lake, or ocean

Spend the day down by the water and let the cold water relax and energize you. Don’t worry about work, school, stresses, etc. Just enjoy the water and soak up the vitamin D.

25. Get a good nights sleep

If you are constantly skimping on sleep, it is going to be very tough to find energy. Getting a good nights sleep may be all you need at this point.

26. Try Yoga

Yoga is great for relaxation and focus which both can aid in having more energy. Plus, yoga will help you sleep better, feel better, and be more sharp mentally.

27. Go sprint

I have found that doing just 3-4 sprints can give you a major boost in energy, especially in the morning. Sprints get your blood flowing, heart rate up, and body alert.

28. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is a huge downer plus it will aid in adding and storing fat. Most times when we consume alcohol we become very tired and lazy; the last things we want when we are looking for more energy.

29. Get more fit

The more fit and in shape you are, the more energy you will have. Simple as that…

30. Exercise in the morning

Exercising in the morning can be the perfect start to your day and provide you long lasting energy. Plus, working out in the morning will get your fat burning kick started so you burn fat all day long!

31. Do something for someone

Doing something for someone else will not only bring you energy, but the person receiving the gift as well. The perfect win-win situation.

32. Get surprised or surprise someone else

This happened to me just the other day when my wife flew my best friend into town to surprise me. From the moment I was surprised to the time he left, I had great energy simply because I was so excited that I was able to hang out with him. If you think about it, if you walked into a surprise birthday party don’t you think your energy levels would rise? Of course they would. Even something as little as getting someone a small gift (like flowers or chocolate) can bring both you and that person energy.

We have just covered 32 different ways that you can find more energy in your day. It all starts with your nutrition and exercise, but as you can see there are plenty more ways that you can find extra energy in your day.

What ways do you find most beneficial? What others can you add to the list? Leave your feedback below!

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