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Hi, my name is Dennis Heenan and I currently live in St. Paul, Minnesota and am originally from Costa Mesa, California. For as long as I can remember, my life has been all about athletics. Growing up I played both baseball and basketball, and at the age of ten I decided to join a club baseball team where in that first practice I was put through my very first body weight workout.

I remember doing lunges around the baseball field, push-ups, sit-ups, jump rope, and more. The first thought that went through my head was “wow this stuff is pretty cool.” That was my first introduction to fitness and it has only grown since that point.

It was not until college however that I was finally introduced to a “real” weight lifting workout and program. Throughout high school I stuck with mainly body weight exercises and plyometrics. That was fine with me as I “didn’t want to screw up my jump shot” (a terrible excuse to not weight lift but hey I was young).

Entering college I was 6’6″ tall and weighing in at a whopping 165 pounds (for those who don’t know, that is quite scrawny). Just before high school graduation I endured two collapsed lunges and was advised not to weight train for at least 3 months. For someone who needed to pack on some size before my freshman college basketball season, that was not good news.

By the time I got cleared to lift, season was nearly under way and I was still weighing around 165 pounds. All I had been able to do was body weight workouts and basketball workouts, so it was no surprise that I was pushed around a lot during my freshman year of college.

My best friend Brian, and fellow freshman teammate, was in the same boat as me after finishing our freshman basketball season. We both needed to put on some serious poundage before entering our sophomore seasons. We lined it up so Brian could stay at my house for the summer and we mapped out what we were going to accomplish that summer.

Our coach had asked us both to put on 25 pounds of muscle before the next season, so we knew we had a huge task on our hands. The first person we turned to was our good friend and strength coach Levi. Levi is four years older than both Brian and I and is simply jacked. He had experience in the weight room (something Brian and I didn’t have) and was ready to go with trying to help us put on some muscle. We all put our heads together and started dedicating ourselves to pack on some serious size.

With Levi being the one with experience in the weight room, he took the lead in the beginning. Over time however, Brian and myself started catching on and implementing some of our own stuff. Through research I started learning anything and everything that I could about health and fitness. This was the start of a new found passion for me…

After about a month of training, we were seeing incredible results. We were gaining muscle and seeing a change in our physique like never before. Each day we would head into the weight room ready to get better and stronger. We created some crazy workouts that summer and ultimately we got the results we were looking for.

Brian ended up putting on 25 pounds and I ended up putting on 30 pounds, all solid muscle. Levi, who was already strong, cut fat that summer to make him look even better than before. The workouts we went through, and the perfectly timed meals and activities allowed us to gain straight muscle without adding any fat. Looking back, it was amazing what we accomplished that summer.

Levi, Brian, and myself during a Basketball Missions Trip to the Philippines!

To accomplish what we did, felt incredible. From that point on my passion and love for everything health and fitness has only grown.

Brian, Levi, and myself formed an incredible bond through all of this. We are still a big part of each others lives even though we do not live near one another. We constantly send workouts, information, and discoveries so we can grow and hone our craft as fitness professionals.

For me personally, since my transformation, I have only become more interested in health and fitness. My passion has led me to set crazy goals to help others and get them healthy for life. My goal in the next three years is to help 100,000 people transform their lives to be healthy and achieve their fitness goals.

Through all the research I have done and continue to do on a daily basis, I am going to work my butt off to make this goal a reality. From experiences, testing, research, and knowledge I am on a mission to bring you only the best in order to get you healthy an achieve all your fitness goals.

I encourage you to take action and reach out when help is needed. Also, be sure to comment, ‘Like’, Tweet, and spread the word. It is just way more fun to be part of the conversation. Your comments will help others, so start engaging!

Still Reading?

For those who want to know more, here are some facts about me:

  • Favorite Movie: The Town, all the Batman movies, Oceans 11, Shooter, Inception, all the X-Men movies, 300 (of course), Up, Dan in Real Life, and Crazy Stupid Love to name a few!
  • Favorite TV Show: The Office, Seinfeld, and Hey Arnold (common gotta throw a classic in there!)
  • Favorite Book: The Bible, anything by John R Wooden, anything by John C Maxwell, and Crazy Love by Francis Chan
  • Favorite Sport To Watch: Basketball and Olympic ping pong
  • Favorite Meal: Anything my dad cooks
  • Favorite cheat meal: Dominos pepperoni and sausage thin crust pizza, any kind of donut, cinnamon roll, and my moms french toast (I can have more than one right?!)
  • Food I always crave: Chipotle (anyone else with me?)
  • Favorite Super Hero: Gambit from X-Men. That guy was a beast!
  • Hidden Talents: I am ambidextrous (does that count?), I am a decent cook, an excellent barista, and professional body-boarder (ok not really, I just like to dream)
  • Cool Facts: I played 4 years of collegiate basketball, I married a really cool girl named Kelsey, I have a sweet dog that I like (dont tell my wife) but pretend not too, and I plan to travel the world!
  • Favorite Beverage: Aside from water, french pressed coffee with a teaspoon of cream (yup I am picky)!

    The Pup, Lily!

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If you would like to know more, just ask! I am an open book and don’t mind sharing. Contact me using the sites below or through email: dennis@fatburningnation.com

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