Preserve 19% More Lean Muscle

What if I told you that you could preserve up to 19% of your lean muscle while making just a few small tweaks to your workouts… That would sound pretty good, right? Well, today is your lucky day. Years ago, I stopped doing all the long slow cardio nonsense and as soon as I did, … [Read more…]

Vegas, Desserts, Weight Loss, and Finishers

I am sitting at dinner at Brand Steakhouse in the Montecarlo over the weekend with Mike Whitfield talking about workouts while enjoying our chocolate custard dessert. Like Mike, I am a huge dessert fan, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Anyways, as we were talking and (greatly) enjoying this creamy chocolate custard … [Read more…]

Why Burpees Are Good

The dreaded burpee… The exercise we all love to hate… Yet, should you really be hating on burpees or should you actually just learn to love them? I mean, lets be honest… If an exercise gets made into a shirt slogan, it has to be pretty dang good right? I would have to say, yes… … [Read more…]

Burn More Fat Before Breakfast

People often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what if I told you otherwise? What if I told you that you could actually start burning more fat before you even eat breakfast? Fitness expert Martin Rooney puts it best when he said “the most important meal of the day … [Read more…]

Sprinting to get RIPPED!

How to: Sprinting to get Ripped! Take a look at any sprinter and you will see someone who is strong, lean, and extremely ripped. This is not by accident but by the power of sprinting. See, when you sprint you literally force your body to burn more fat. Multiple studies have shown us that the … [Read more…]

This Workout Burns a TON of Calories!

Just recently, I have been testing out some pretty serious workouts… Workouts I like to call ‘Compete Workouts’ for the simple fact that you are competing against yourself and the time on the clock. How these work, are you have a series of exercises and you must complete them as fast as possible resting only when … [Read more…]