Full Body Two Minute Circuit

When putting together this workout, the goal was to make it very short yet very intense. The repetition range for each exercise is low, but not getting any rest between exercises will do the trick when looking to burn fat and build your cardiovascular strength. The workout below consists of five exercises targeting the entire … [Read more…]

Dumbbell Shoulder Circuit

Shoulder day with Levi Seekins has always been a killer. Back when we first started working out we used to combine heavy shoulder exercises with this little circuit to make for some serious shoulder burn. This circuit should be done with a comfortable yet challenging weight and can be made harder by performing each exercise … [Read more…]

Resistance Sprinting Workout

I was able to take on this sprinting workout recently and it was an absolute killer. If you are looking to switch up some of your cardio workouts, this is a great alternative. It will challenge not only your cardio but your leg and core strength as well. This workout will help build tons of … [Read more…]

Jump Workout To Build Your Abs And Legs

With help from Levi Seekins, I have put together another incredible video for you today. This is a very challenging workout and will really help build you legs, abs, and improve your cardio. Be sure to start with a comfortable box height when first starting out. This workout could be placed into your routine as … [Read more…]

Ultimate Chest Workout

Back in college when I went through my transformation, Levi Seekins played a huge role in pushing me to where I am now. Still to this day, we find ourselves competing in the weight room, on the basketball court, or anywhere else competition is called for. So you can imagine how excited I was when … [Read more…]

Crazy Pull-Up Circuit

As you know, I was in California for the past week and was able to go through some incredible workouts with friends. I was also able to shoot some videos while there and as promised here is the Pull-Up Circuit we covered in yesterday’s Coffee Talk. It is put on by Levi Seekins and myself … [Read more…]

Get Ripped 10 Minute Workout

BodyFit YouTube Channel Up And Running! As promised the YouTube Channel is up and running. I have just posted the very first video! Take a look below and let me know what you think: The Workout: Complete as many rounds as you can in 10 minutes: Pull-Ups: 10 reps Push-Ups: 20 reps Deadlifts: 7 reps … [Read more…]