110 Fat Burning Meals

You have heard me say before that the easiest way to eat healthy is to eat the same few meals over and over. But let’s be completely honest here… Doing this can get real old, real quick! Aside from bacon and eggs (I mean common, who couldn’t eat this everyday?), I can’t go longer than … [Read more…]

Best Whey Protein

I often get asked which whey protein supplement I recommend using for the best benefits. In the past (when first starting out) I used whatever was cheapest. But over time what I noticed was every time I used one of the cheaper brands, I ended up congested and feeling low on energy afterwards. The reason … [Read more…]

Fat Burning Foods Truth

We have all been told at one time or another what foods to eat when it comes to burning fat. But the truth is, if you were given the right information and applied what you were given, you would be a lot more fit than you currently are. This isn’t a knock against you, rather … [Read more…]

Diet To Build Muscle

Muscle Building Diet Back when I was a freshman in college, my head basketball coach said to me: “I need you to put on 25 pounds of muscle by next season.” At the time, I was 165 pounds standing at 6’6″ tall. When my coach first said that me, I thought he was crazy. I … [Read more…]