5 Ways To Burn More Calories

How To Burn More Calories Despite what the “experts” say, the old saying “calories in vs. calories out” still does matter… If you are frustrated by your progress… Then you have to burn more calories. Below we will cover 5 quick and simple ways that you can start doing this [plus I will build an … [Read more…]

3 Weird SUPERfoods

Growing up, I was never one to try new foods. I was the kid that stuck to the same few meals over and over because that’s what I enjoyed. So when I started eating the foods that we will cover today… It was a bit shocking even for myself. However, after doing much research and testing … [Read more…]

Warm Up Like A Sprinter

“I want a sprinter’s body”, she said. This soon-to-be new client had high aspirations and she was hoping I’d help her deliver on her goals. She came to the right place. Speed training was a specialty of mine. Working together we devised a short workout plan that fit into her busy schedule devised of sprints, … [Read more…]

Step Up Your Body

Burning fat and getting fit is all about sending the right signals to your body. Whether you are male or female, continuing to send the right signals depends on one key factor. According to fitness expert and author Tyler Bramlett, he states: “Step-up your movements to step-up your performance to step-up your body.” Pretty simple … [Read more…]

The Perfect Fat Burning Workout

“What’s the perfect fat burning workout?”… Is the question that one of my clients asked me a few weeks back. At first I didn’t really know what to say… I mean there are a lot of workouts that can help you burn fat and lots of it… But the perfect fat burning workout? As I … [Read more…]