Superhero Pause Push

Hey Superhero’s, I’ve got an amazing workout to share with you today that is going to be a bit different than what we normally do. You can check it out below. PLUS, don’t forget to watch your bonus video that follows: TODAY is the last day to pick up your copy of Bodyweight Strong 2.0 … [Read more…]

Bodyweight Strong Techniques

There has been a ton of talk this week about how to gain strength with just your bodyweight. And yes, it is possible as you will see when I explain the three techniques below. Enjoy! Click Here for more information on Bodyweight Strong 2.0 and start gaining strength with just your bodyweight today!

Body Weight ONLY Leg Circuit (brutal)

Today I have a great guest post to share with you, one that comes from former NFL Player, Forest Vance. Forest has a unique approach on how to build muscle and strength using just bodyweight exercises. This is awesome stuff. Take it away Forest. Body Weight ONLY Leg Circuit (brutal) by Forest Vance, author, Body … [Read more…]

What’s My Beef With Cardio?

There were cardio machines lining the wall with a beautiful view of the city… Every single machine was filled with people galavanting along while checking out the view. Now picture this… Someone taking in the same view but burning double, if not triple the calories and fat in half the time.  Yea, that was me… … [Read more…]

Anyone Can Burpee

When I was in Vegas recently for a fitness mastermind meeting and I got to meet up and talk with one of the most sought after experts in the industry, Shawna Kaminski. Shawna is just so much fun to be around and is so knowledgable when it comes to fitness (and not to mention she … [Read more…]

Why I Hate Excuses

It is Saturday afternoon and as I sit here writing this, I just got done with an email conversation with someone telling me all the reasons they are struggling to get in shape. I get this kind of email quite often, however this one came with good timing. More on that in a second… There … [Read more…]