Burn More Fat Before Breakfast

eating with friendsPeople often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what if I told you otherwise? What if I told you that you could actually start burning more fat before you even eat breakfast?

Fitness expert Martin Rooney puts it best when he said “the most important meal of the day is your next meal!

Think about that for a second…

What’s the point of waking up and having a healthy breakfast if you are just going to go out and down an extra large pizza and large coke for lunch?

Martin makes a great point by essentially telling us that ALL our meals are important meals.

Everything that you put into your body will either move you closer or further away from your goals…

Now listen, I stumbled across some research the other day that I just had to share with you. We are all looking for ways to burn fat faster and according to one study, performing a short workout before breakfast can elicit 20% more fat burning.

So maybe breakfast isn’t the most important meal when it comes to workouts and burning fat?…

Researchers at Northumbria University took 12 active males and split them into two groups:

Group One performed a treadmill workout while not eating breakfast before.

Group Two performed a treadmill workout while eating breakfast before.

After the workout, both groups were given a recovery shake then were fed lunch a bit later.

What researchers found was that the group who performed the workout without eating breakfast beforehand burned up to 20% more fat than the group who ate breakfast before the workout.

This brings up an interesting point…

Exactly what kind of workout should you do before eating breakfast to maximize the most fat burning?

burn more fat before breakfastIn the study, they simply state that the participants went through a “bout of treadmill exercise.” This can translate into a wide variety of workouts…

However, I do agree that working out in a fasted state can bring better fat burning results.

Even better, your workouts do not have to be long. In my own experiments, short bodyweight circuits and sprints work best as morning workouts.

Even just a short 4-8 minute finisher will do the trick in kickstarting your fat burning for the day. Try something like this tomorrow morning before you eat your breakfast and enjoy your coffee:

-After getting a 2-3 minute warm-up, perform 2 rounds of the exercises below:

Prisoner Squats: 30 seconds
Pushups: 30 seconds
Reverse Alternating Lunges: 30 seconds
Side Plank Reach Through: 30 seconds each side
Squat Jumps: 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds and repeat 2 times!

All it takes is 10-minutes to complete this workout including the warm-up. Try it tomorrow and see how you feel afterwards. My guess is you will feel energized for your day with your fat burning elevated!

What are your thoughts on working out before breakfast? Has your experience been good or bad? Leave me some feedback below: