Volume I, Issue 5

“Health is the thing that makes you feel that NOW is the best time of the year.” -Franklin P. Adams

Are You Making These 3 Mistakes At The Gym?

Working at a gym is very fulfilling but at the same time can be highly frustrating. It kills me to see people come in to the gym day in and day out to only see little or no results. It is clear, however, WHY certain people are not seeing results.

Over the years I have seen many common themes in the gym with those who see results and those who don’t see results. In this newsletter I want to give you three of the most common mistakes I see at the gym, and how you can avoid them so they don’t happen to you!

If it is not working, CHANGE IT!

You have heard me say this before, but it is something that I see every single day. I see the people doing the same workout they have been doing for months and they have yet to see any changes in their physique.

If you are not starting to see results within a few weeks, something is off and needs to be changed.

If those long cardio sessions aren’t working for you (which they wont), I recommend changing it and giving something else a shot.

Walk into almost any gym and take notice to what I call the 1:10 ratio. For every one person lifting weights, there are 10 people on cardio machines. This should be the complete opposite!

Look around. The people you see on the weight room floor are typically the ones who look the best and are seeing the RESULTS!

We need to realize what works and what doesn’t. Long slow cardio, although having a place of its own, does not work when done by itself. We must realize this and change our plan.

If you are looking for serious and fast results, weights, strength training, and high intensity workouts must be the focus of your workout routine. Long cardio should be left for enjoyment purposes like going on walks and hikes.

Having no plan:

Far too many people come into the gym with absolutely no plan at all. They wander around looking for what to do next wasting time when they should be putting in work. They waste more time walking around and talking than they actually spend on their workout.

A plan is a must if you want to get anything accomplished and achieve your goals. You should have exactly what you will be doing that day written in your workout journal, typed on your iPhone, or even written on a napkin.

You must have some sort of plan.

I typically write a plan for 6 weeks at a time then will start something new one once those 6 weeks are done.

That means for 6 weeks, I know exactly what I will be doing in the gym each day. If things change, I adapt but will always have a plan in place with workouts, weight, reps, sets, etc.

Get a plan, and stick to it!

Lack of Focus:

One of the worst things gyms could have done was put in TV’s for people to watch while working out.

I see people get distracted with what is playing on television when they should be focused on their workout. They end up taking 5-6 minute breaks between exercises and end up being at the gym for a whole football game because they are simply wasting time when they should be working.

When you go to get a workout in, it needs to be focused. This is another reason I hate long slow cardio. You can mindlessly run on the treadmill for hours as you watch TV… mindlessly.

Lifting weights, when done right, forces you to focus on every rep, every set, and every second of the workout. Your rest periods become a time of focus for your next set, not a time to watch a game or show.

You need to focus your mind so you can pump out the next ten reps, and do it with perfect form.

You should keep your workouts to no longer than 45-minutes and it should be a full on focused 45 minutes. No TV breaks in between sets or talking during your reps.

You need to be focused throughout your whole workout so that the next time you come back, you are stronger and better than before.


By simply changing what I addressed above, you will start seeing better results in the gym instantly.

Change things up if they are not working, get a plan, and get focused. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said “To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet, and mental approach.”

You are at the gym to get in shape, not socialize or watch TV. So get your plan, put in your headphones, and go to work!

My Workouts Schedule For The Week:

I am back from a great week in California and more ready to go than ever. Being around friends and pushing each other to get better each day is always refreshing and motivating. I will be sharing some great workout videos with you this week so be on the lookout for those!

As for my workouts this week, take a look at what I have for you:

Monday and Friday: Heavy Strength Training and Finisher

Deadlifts: 5 sets X 5 Reps
Squats: 5 sets X 5 Reps
Bench Press: 5 sets X 5 Reps
Bent Over Row: 5 sets X 5 Reps
Overhead Press: 5 sets X 5 Reps

Finisher: Pull Up Circuit from our Sunday Coffee Talk (video will be up tonight)

  1. Up-Over-Back-Down Pull-Ups
  2. Regular Pull-Ups
  3. Side-to-Side Pull-Ups
  4. Towel Pull-Ups (left hand)
  5. Towel Pull-Ups (right hand)
Wednesday: Bodyweight Circuit
Squat Jumps: 10
Jump Lunges: 10
Push-Ups: 10
In-n-Outs: 10
Pull-Ups: 10
Go for two rounds as fast as you can, rest for one minute and repeat 7-10 times!

Tuesday and Thursday: Sprints

After a week full of basketball and tennis, I am excited to get back to doing some straight up sprinting workouts this week. I will be doing my regular sprinting routine with a bit of a twist:

10 total sprints at 80 yards each, with your rest period being the walk back to the start (around 60-90 seconds)

After every second sprint, you will perform 30 yards of bear crawls. So the first two rounds would look like this:

Sprint: 80 yards
Sprint: 80 yards
Bear Crawl: 30 yards
Sprint: 80 yards
Sprint: 80 yards
Bear Crawl: 30 yards

In all you will do 10 sprints and 5 bear crawls! Rest 60-90 seconds in between each exercise.

Some great workouts this week so if you want to join me on them, feel free! The better you get today, the more fit you will be tomorrow. Time to get to work!