Best Fat Burning Secret?

Quite Possibly The Best Fat Burning Secret

best fat burning secretIt is not your workouts, it is not the food you eat, or even how much sleep you get… All those are very important, don’t get me wrong... However what I am about to share with you can literally make or break your fat burning and weight loss efforts…

According new research done at Harvard University, researchers put together three separate studies about the effects sugary beverages have on our body.

In the first study, researchers from the World Health Organization said that those who decreased sugary intake saw weight loss of about 2 pounds while those who kept sugary intake the same saw an increase of 2 pounds. 

Next, Harvard pointed out that children who consumed sugary beverages had a 55% higher risk of being overweight…

And finally, researchers stated that just 1-2 servings of sugary beverages (including fruit juices) was associated with a 26% increase in the risk of having type 2 diabetes.

Truth be told, I consume about 5 calories from beverages each day. Yes, five. And that is from my morning cup of coffee. All the calories I consume come from the foods I eat. 

This my friends is a huge secret to staying lean. 

Just look around. Those who are lean and healthy are drinking water. You don’t see them drinking sodas or beer every night or lattes every morning. 

eating with friendsThey know the importance of the fact that drinking too many calories adds unwanted fat and weight to your body (not to mention multiple other health problems).

And yes, this includes the “zero calories” sweeteners and sodas. Most of these drinks have chemicals that our bodies cannot digest properly or cause us to crave sweets even more…

When I go out on weekends, I often indulge in many desserts which leads to a lot of questions about how I am able to stay so lean.

First off, I don’t do it every night and secondly, I am not consuming soda or alcohol with these desserts like everyone else is.

Think about that… If we eat the same dessert but you have two sodas with it, you just consumed an extra 300+ calories in a matter of minutes…

Does this mean that I never indulge in alcohol or soda? Well to be honest, it is quite rare. I haven’t had a full soda in probably 5 years and only drink alcohol once every few months.

That said, I understand everyone is different. So if you want to drink these beverages, just don’t do it everyday. Drink them once or twice a week and drink water the rest of the time.

If you started doing this, I can guarantee you will start seeing more results than ever, just by changing this one single aspect. 

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