Benefits of Strength Training

Benefits of Strength Training

Enough cannot be said about strength training and if by now I still haven’t convinced you to hit the weight room floor hopefully this article will. Below, I have listed eleven benefits you will see when it comes to strength training. Some may be obvious, but there are more benefits that you think:

1. Gain tons of strength

Now this is an obvious one. Lifting weights puts stress on the body allowing it to grow and get stronger. Having a strong body makes everyday life easier as it will take less effort to do things such as stand up, lift boxes, go up the stairs, etc. Plus, you will be adding lean muscle to your body and you will start looking better than ever!

2. Burn fat

Not only will you be adding lean muscle when you strength train, but you will be eliminating tons of unwanted fat. Strength training forces your body to go into recovery mode allowing it to burn more fat and calories even during your rest times. Studies have shown that strength training can burn fat for up to 48 hours after a workout is finished. No too shabby if you ask me…

3. Decrease the likelihood of injury

Lifting builds strong muscles, tendons, and ligaments which will make it less likely for you to get injured. Injuries happen when something in our body is weak or overused. By strengthening our bodies and the muscles around joints and ligaments, we are preventing injuries that may have happened if we hadn’t been lifting.

4. Decrease back and knee pain

Many times when I hear people complain about back and knee pain it is simply because the muscles around those areas are weak. Having strong quads, hamstrings, back muscles, and glutes will help eliminate your back and knee problems.

5. Better body composition

Strength training boosts your metabolism which means you will burn more fat and calories even after your workouts are over. At times the scale may say you are not “losing weight”, but in reality you are burning fat and replacing it will lean muscle. Lifting weights will make you look thinner, more fit, and ultimately get you ripped!

Fat takes up much more room than muscle!

6. Confidence

Strength training brings results, period. And the more results you see the more confidence you start to have. If you can push through the first three weeks of training, your confidence will continue to soar as you start seeing more and more results. Accomplishing goals is always a great way to build confidence. When it comes to strength training, you can continually be going after new goals whether that be: lifting more weight that the day before, doing more reps, losing fat, gaining muscle, beating a friend in the weight room, etc. Set goals, go after them, and accomplish them.

7. Decrease stress

Studies have shown that regular exercise is one of the three best tools in stress management. Research suggests that those who train regularly are less affected by the stress they face in their daily lives. In short, weight training can help eliminate the future stress you face and enable you to cope with your current stresses.

8. Better sleep

Strength training has been shown to bring a better nights rest by allowing you to fall asleep faster and fall into a deeper sleep. Sleep allows your body to recover which is needed when lifting weights. Plus, we all know the importance of a good nights sleep so it’s a win win situation!

9. Better overall health

To list a few more health benefits strength training will bring:

  • Increases HDL (good cholesterol) and decreases in LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Decreases the likeliness of illness and getting a cold
  • Lowers cardiovascular disease
  • Increases bone density

10. Improve body mechanics

Not only will strength training develop your muscles but it will also improve balance, coordination, and posture. Stronger muscles will help you stand and sit straighter as well as increase your stability in all you do.

11. Boost energy levels and mood

When you strength train, you elevate your level of endorphins (which are natural opiates produced by the brain) making you feel great about yourself and life! Weight training has been shown to be a natural antidepressant and will improve your overall quality of life.


Strength training is one of the best things you can do when it comes to getting fit. Not only will it change your physique but it can change your life in ways you don’t even realize. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and start strength training today. Below are a few articles to help get you started:

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