This Was Sooooo Awkward [plus free punishment workout]

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Just last night after I had finished writing an article about ‘Why I Hate Excuses‘, I closed my laptop when my wife said to me ‘Hey, do you want to go workout?’

Andddd do you know what the first thing out of my mouth was?

“It’s already 7o’clock. I don’t want to workout this late…”


Yup, as soon as I said that… I felt like throwing a “LIAR” sign around my neck and standing on the table at my house in front of my wife and dog…

liarKinda like that =============>

Listen, I am not perfect. I make excuses. I have missed workouts. Messed up on my diet.

However, as soon as I realize what I am doing… I change course!

When I said this excuse to my wife, she kinda just looked at me puzzled…

That’s when I said, “screw it, lets do this thing.”

It’s funny, as humans, often times the first thought that comes to our head when doing something we don’t feel like doing… Is an excuse.

Think about it…

You don’t feel like working out… What comes to your mind?

-It’s too late
-I am too tired
-I just ate dinner
-I don’t have time
-I don’t know what to do

And on and on it goes…

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Well today, it is time to take a stand!

It is time for you to stop the excuses and start getting fit. 

As you saw in my  story, I made an excuse, yes… However that didn’t stop me from being on the floor dripping with sweat 30-minutes later…

That’s what it is all about… Shutting down your excuses and getting the job done!

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post workout tired

Post Workout… SPENT!

Alright as promised, here was the punishment I put my wife and I through last night after making my “it’s too late to workout” excuse…
Warmup: Compete 10 reps on each for 2 rounds.
–Alternating Lunges
–Prisoner Squats
After the 2 rounds, rest 30 seconds and start the workout below.

Ladder Workout
Complete 10 reps on each exercise the first round, then 9 reps the second round, 8 reps the third round, and do this until you complete 1 rep on each exercise.

–Clapping Pushups
–Squat Jumps
–Kettlebell Swings (X2 every round. Round one: 20 reps, round two: 18 reps and so on)
–Single Arm Squat to Overhead Press (each side)

Rest only when needed, trying to complete as fast as possible. Once finished with the one rep on each exercise, rest 2 minutes and complete this finisher:

–Punisher Squats (2 minutes)- 20 seconds of bodyweight squats, 10 seconds of squat holds and repeat this for 2 minutes.
–Burpees (1-minute)- if you can get 20+ burpees in this 1-minute after doing the 2 minutes of punisher squats… You are a beast! Click here to stop your excuses and start getting fit in under 20-minutes

That my friends is taking your excuses by the horns and shutting them up. 

My goal this week is to shut down every excuse that my mind throws at me. No more “I am too tired” “don’t have time” “don’t have equipment” etc…


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Getting better this week!

Happy Sunday.

Dennis Heenan

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