Avoid Gaining Fat in Your Workouts

Yesterday I introduced you to my good friend Tyler Bramlett. I met Tyler about 6 months ago at a conference in San Diego, California and we have hit it off ever since. If you missed the conversation I talked about yesterday, listen again to what Tyler said to me a few weeks ago:

“Yea… It’s true. No matter if you’re a man or a women, you can actually gain up to a pound of fat each and every year once you hit your adult years. And dude, it only gets worse when you hit the age of 25. You can start storing over 5 pounds a year as a guy and up to 8 pounds a year as a women.”

Avoid gaining fat in your workoutsNow, yesterday I discussed the importance of nutrition when it comes to reversing your fat burning (aka turning your body into the ultimate fat burning machine), and today I am going to tell you a little more about my conversation with Tyler that is going to blow your mind when it comes to working out. Continue on for massive results:

Tyler and I share very similar style of training. He believes in short, intense workouts that work multiple parts of your body with an immense focus on functional training. So when I asked him to give me three tips that people should avoid in their workouts, his answers didn’t surprise me:


3 Steps Reveal What You Must STOP Doing Before You Set Foot in the Gym

#1. Avoid workouts over 20-minutes!

Tyler points out that workouts over the 20-minute mark do more harm than good. Here is what he had to say:

“Longer workouts put strain on your body, causing it to release cortisol, a “stress hormone” that blocks fat-loss at a cellular level.”

formfunctionNow I fully agree with Tyler here. You don’t need much more than 20-minutes to get in an incredible workout. And when done properly, you will burn a ton of fat while adding lean muscle.

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#2. Forget extreme workouts.

Now Tyler is not talking about not ever doing extreme kinds of workouts, yet what he is saying is that far too many times we see under qualified trainers throwing workouts at people who cannot handle them.

This is an injury waiting to happen…

You have got to be smart in your workouts and workout progressions.

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#3. Stop changing your workouts so often.

Tyler claims that there is no such thing as muscle confusion. And he makes quite the argument:

You can’t “trick” your body into losing fat and getting fit.

Making your body “guess” using some disruptive techniques can work, but most workouts “disrupt” all the wrong things. You need to make sure your workout switches the right things up at the right times, so that your fat loss builds from one session to the next.

Otherwise, you’re constantly taking one step forward… and two steps back.

He’s right. There is a science to progressing through workouts to ensure your body continues burning fat and getting more lean. Especially when first starting out, it is extremely important for you to progress properly and set your body up for success.

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