555 Workout

It was a doozy… Wow I feel old school saying that ha! It was back in January when I was away for the weekend and trying to get in a  quick workout at the hotel room before my next meeting. I didn’t have equipment and the hotel gym was a joke (and by joke I mean … [Read more…]

Successfully FIT!

The numbers don’t lie. And as you will find out in just a second, you can IMMEDIATELY boost the results you see by making a few slight changes in your current workout “routine.” And the best part is, this has NOTHING to do with the actual “working out” part. It’s something different. Before we get … [Read more…]

Unleash Your Inner Athlete

Taking your body to a WHOLE NEW level… Here’s how: Click Here To Check Out The Complete Unbreakable BADASS Blueprint 2.0 System!  Take a look at the two athletes below… On the left is professional basketball player Blake Griffin and on the right is Olympic athlete Lolo Jones. Now let’s be honest… Who wouldn’t want … [Read more…]

Six Pack Abs Training For Your BodyFat Percentage

No matter where you are at right now in your fitness, the goal of getting six-pack abs is possible for you. No matter is you are currently sitting at 30-40% body fat or 15-20% body fat. It is possible. As you will see in just a second, achieving six-pack abs takes hard work, focus, and dedication. However, it is … [Read more…]

Warm Up Like A Sprinter

“I want a sprinter’s body”, she said. This soon-to-be new client had high aspirations and she was hoping I’d help her deliver on her goals. She came to the right place. Speed training was a specialty of mine. Working together we devised a short workout plan that fit into her busy schedule devised of sprints, … [Read more…]

Step Up Your Body

Burning fat and getting fit is all about sending the right signals to your body. Whether you are male or female, continuing to send the right signals depends on one key factor. According to fitness expert and author Tyler Bramlett, he states: “Step-up your movements to step-up your performance to step-up your body.” Pretty simple … [Read more…]

Stress and Weight Gain

Is Stress Making You Fatter, Sicker, And Taking Years Off Your Life? In the high paced world we live in, stress has become the norm. If you are not stressing, something is considered wrong… But can stress be what is causing you to gain weight each year, have less energy, get sick more often, and … [Read more…]