7 Body Hacks You Need To Supercharge Your Life (Part One)

According to the definition, body hacking is defined as:

“The process of making adjustments to the way we live, work, sleep or generally function in an attempt to improve our overall level of well-being.”
I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty awesome. And today, I am going to give you 7 of my favorite body hacks that I have come across over the last few months and years that will help improve your life.
Each of these can be easily added to your everyday routine to help you live a happier, healthier life. Take a look:
Body Hack #1: Improve Your Posture
We all know the importance of posture. Yet, so many people think that the best way to improve posture is to force yourself to sit up straight.
Some agree that forcing yourself to do this will burn more calories, however, it is actually counterproductive as it will fatigue your muscles and cause unneeded soreness.
Instead, work on strengthening the muscles around your shoulder blades and mid back area. This will automatically cause you to have better posture as those muscles get stronger and stronger.
Body Hack #2: Start Your Day With 4-Minute Bursts
This is something I have tested and absolutely love it. After waking up and going through your regular routine (bathroom, brush your teeth, set the coffee, etc.), try adding in what I call the “Morning 2X4”
Start off doing 4-minutes of intense bodyweight exercise (this can include pushups, squats, squat variations, mountain climbers and variations, sprints in place, etc.)
After your short 4-minute bodyweight workout, go a take a 4-minute ice-cold shower.
This will allow you to have a ton of energy, clarity, focus, and brain power as you start the day. And it only takes 8-minutes 🙂
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Body Hack #3: Drink Coffee BEFORE You Nap
I love utilizing this one. We have all heard before that quick power naps can make all the difference when trying to stay focused throughout the day.
Yet, according to new research, having a cup of coffee before taking your 15-20 minute catnap can actually increasee your energy and focus compared to just a regular nap.
Try this “caffeine-infused nap” for yourself and see how it goes.
Body Hack #4: Stop Stretching Before Your Workouts
“You must stretch before you workout” is what I was always told growing up. However, according to recent studies, stretching before a workout can actually decrease your muscle strength by up to 30%.
Instead, simply warm up your muscles through bodyweight exercises, dynamic stretching (or active stretching), light running, etc.
My favorite is to use similar exercises that I will be doing in a workout. For example, if I am working on squats as my first exercise I will warm up with bodyweight squats and some light barbell squats to get my muscles activated.
If you are going to stretch, do it afterwards.
I was going to put all 7 body hacks in this email but it’s getting kind of long and my wife is calling me to go get coffee with her.
I’ll be back tomorrow with the final three body hacks for you. Wait till you see number 6… It is a game changer. 
Until then,
Dennis Heenan
P.S. It won’t do you any good to just read these body hacks and not apply them. The only way you get better is by doing. With these 4 simple body hacks you can start changing your habits, getting more fit, and improve your overall well-being. As you saw in Body Hack #2, line 7… Sometimes just a slight change in your routine can provide incredible energy and focus. Back tomorrow with the final three hacks…