5 Ways To Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

Supercharge Your Coffee

With caffeine being the most popular drug in the world today, it is only expected that more than 50% of Americans consume this beverage everyday. And among those 50%, the average person drinks more than 3 cups per day. With coffee shops on every corner these days, it is only right to share a few inside tricks about how exactly you can make your coffee more healthy.

Working at a coffee shop right after college, I got to learn and see a lot of what happens behind the scenes that the regular customer would never see. Although I won’t be sharing any of those stories today, what I will share are some things I saw from daily coffee drinkers that are killing their health and how you can avoid those same mistakes.

Below, I will show you five different ways you can still enjoy your daily coffee while ensuring that it works to your benefit. Take a look:

1. Avoid the added sugars

Unless you are drinking your coffee black, you are more than likely adding in refined sugars and/or artificial sweeteners to your coffee. At coffee shops, any drink on the menu that is considered a “specialty drink” or “frou-frou drink” is typically loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners. At the coffee shop I worked at, there were some drinks that had as many as 80 grams of sugar and over 700 calories in ONE drink! And this was a drink people would order every single day…

This is not the best way to treat your blood sugar and insulin levels when trying to get fit and healthy.

For a better sweetener option, try adding in just a pinch of organic honey or organic maple syrup. Stay away from the flavored shots, table sugars, and artificial sweeteners (Equal, Splenda, Sweet-n-Low, etc.)

2. Stay away from the artificial creamers

Artificial creamers are found everywhere at grocery stores these days from Caramel Creamer to Pumpkin Spice to Honey Vanilla. As good as these creamers may be, what is not so good is the list of ingredients that they contain.

These sweeteners are typically loaded with corn syrup and hydrogenated oils (both of which are terrible for you.) Even if these creamers say “fat free” or “zero calorie” or “sugar free”, the companies still have to add some kind of artificial substance to make them taste the way they do.

So in short, it is best to cut out the artificial creamers, both in liquid and powder form.

3. Go with heavy cream

Instead of using your artificial creamers, non-fat/2% milk, and half-and half try reaching for some grass-fed heavy cream. Heavy creams are less processed and contain good sources of saturated fat. They also have less lactose and casein than regular milk, which means it will have less of an effect on your gut (both on the inside and outside). Add in 1/2-1 tablespoon and you will be good to go!

Another great creamer option is coconut milk. Coconut milk may be the best coffee creamer out there because of its positive effect on boosting your metabolism and immune system (it also contains good saturated fats as well). To make your coconut milk into a cream, simply buy a can of coconut milk, shake it up, open it, and put it in the fridge overnight. This will form a coconut cream which is delicious in coffee and incredibly healthy for you.

(Note: The cans of coconut milk work much better than the cartons that you see at the store. Most times the cartons you buy are watered down, making it more difficult to make cream.)

4. Add in your own antioxidants

One of the best ways to give your coffee a boost is by adding in your own antioxidants, primarily cinnamon.

Cinnamon has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels and helps maintain insulin sensitivity (among many other benefits). I personally have found that adding in cinnamon instead of cream when going to a coffee shops works well in giving my coffee the small kick in flavor that it needs.

Because most coffee shops do not carry the cream I choose to use (grass fed cream), I stick with adding cinnamon to my coffee instead when going out. Just be sure to mix it well so it does not clump!

5. Try French Pressed

The best way to make coffee. French pressed coffee eliminates the need for filters so you are able to drink your coffee in its most pure form. Does the French Press make your coffee more healthy? I tend to think so. Anything in its most pure form is going to be more healthy than having to add in another process (even if that process is just passing through a filter).

Plus, French Pressed coffee tastes WAY better than regular black coffee. Once you try it, you will never go back to drinking drip coffee ever again. Can you say coffee snob?


Although I never advise anyone drinking 3+ cups of coffee a day, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a cup to start off your day. I enjoy my morning coffee because it relaxes me, makes me feel good, and because I know it is benefiting me. I cannot say the same, however, for all the customers I served large Mochas to at 6AM.

If you want to start seeing better results in your health, start taking what you put into your body more seriously. Coffee is just a small part of your day, but you might as well make the most of it rather than consuming some “frou-frou” drink that will wreak havoc on your health!

(Final Side Note: If you are dependent on coffee, where you NEED to drink it in order to function, you may want to wean off a bit. Drink for enjoyment purposes, not because you need it!)

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