20 Things Every Fitness Enthusiast Should Be Able To Do

things every health enthusiastIn a world filled with fitness enthusiasts, it gets me fired up when I come across success stories about people changing their lives and others lives through health and fitness. Yet sometimes it bugs me that so called “fitness enthusiasts” don’t truly practice what they preach.

They claim to love working out, eating healthy, and doing things that will better their health yet they stand there eating a burger and fries while never working out. Truth be told, I have seen personal trainers (professionals) do this. Eating McDonalds between clients and rarely working out, yet they are teaching others how to be healthy?!

Just doesn’t make sense…

Now I am not perfect by any means. I enjoy junk food as much as the next person but I do my best to practice what I preach. And that’s why I put together the list that I have below. To challenge you and myself to be better.

Below are 20 different things that every fitness enthusiast should be able to do. (And anyone should be able to do for that matter.)

Some are more challenging than others, however mastering these will allow you to be incredibly fit and healthy. Hope you enjoy:

1. Create a great workout

This one is obvious. If you are someone who loves fitness and does it all the time, you should easily be able to create a super awesome workout.

2. Make a killer post workout meal

“Yea I had the perfect post workout meal yesterday… 3 Double Doubles from McDonalds…” Yup, I have actually heard this before… We all know this is doing nothing good for our body. Instead, why not have this as your post workout meal:

  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 1 sweet potato
  • 1 protein shake (optional)

Lots of protein, good amount of carbs, low in fat. Perfect for your post workout!

sprinting3. How to hash out an insane sprinting session

Sprinting is the purest, most powerful physique shaper on the planet and if you are a fitness enthusiast and not doing sprints… You are in BIG trouble…

Ok maybe not, but you should really start sprinting. I mean there is a reason I created a full on workout program based around sprinting… => Click here to see the workouts that outperform sprints

4. Workout with a partner

At some point, working out by yourself gets really old. However finding the right partner can be tough. You have people who talk the entire workout, don’t work hard, and ALWAYS have their own agenda on what they “think” you should be doing.

I tell you this because I don’t want YOU to be that kind of partner. Be the type of person that pushes yourself and workout partner to get better each and every time you go to the gym and do it enthusiastically no matter what.

5. Know the difference between circuits and supersets

If you do not know what this is, you are about to learn something very valuable…

Supersets: Doing 2 exercises back to back with no rest in between.

Circuits: Doing 2 or more exercises back to back with little or no rest in between.

Pretty simple? Now you know 🙂

Burpee Challenge6. Be able to do 20 burpees in under 1-minute

As a fitness enthusiast, you should be in LOVE with the burpee. So here’s your test:

Do as many burpees as possible in 1-minute and see what you get. If you complete more than 20, your off the hook. If not… Well you better get to work!

=> Can you beat my 50 Burpee Challenge?

7. Be able to perform 15 (preferably 20) straight pull-ups

Pull-ups are one of the toughest exercises around but also one of the best you can do. So here we are with another challenge… This one simply consists of doing as many pull-ups as you can in a row. Your goal should be to get 15-20 in a row.

8. Know how to make at least three BOMB protein shakes

Ahhhh protein shakes… We all love them, right? Any fitness enthusiasts knows, however, that you got to change up your shakes so they don’t get old. That’s why it’s important to have go to recipes. My favorite current recipe is this:

  • 3 scoops of Vanilla BioTrust protein powder
  • 1 Banana
  • Water (add to make the consistency you like)
  • 5 frozen strawberries
  • handful of spinach
  • Ice

What is your go to recipe?

=> Click here for more information on the protein I use

9. Know how to push themselves and others during workouts

push hardNothing is worse that working out with someone that bugs the crap out of you. Someone who is always trying to “motivate” you yet does the complete opposite.

There is a fine line between motivating and pushing someone… and being the person that is “being in my face and annoying the bejesus out of me.” Are you crossing that line?

Did someone catch where that quote is from?

10. Know how to start off a workout, but more importantly how to properly finish off a workout

Of course starting your workout should begin with a good dynamic stretching session and some bodyweight exercises to make sure you are fully warmed up. But what about ending your workout?

They have been called “Encores” or “Finishers” and I firmly believe they are the best way to blast a few extra calories at the end of your workout.

Something like:

  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Mountain Climbers (each side)
  • 30 Squat Jumps
  • 40 Jump Lunges (total)

That would do the trick. For more incredible finishers => Click here for 51 Unique Workout Finishers

11. Have at least 5 go-to songs that get everyone in the room fired up

StrengthMusic plays a huge role in keeping you fired up during your workouts. I’d love to hear some of your “go to” songs. My current five are below:

  1. Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall- Cold Play and Swedish House Mafia
  2. T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)- will.i.am
  3. Save the World- Swedish House Mafia
  4. Heart of a Champion- Nelly (don’t think this will ever leave my top 5)
  5. God’s Great Dance Floor- Chris Tomlin

Nice mix I know… What are your current top 5?

12. Be able to complete 50 pushups in a row

Yet another fitness challenge. This one is 50 pushups in a row without stopping. You should be able to do this at all times during the year.

13. Be able to plank for 90 seconds

You know the drill. Can you do planks for 90 straight seconds?

14. Create the perfect fat burning breakfast

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day whether I eat it at 6am or 11am. Here’s my perfect breakfast:

  • 4 eggs scrambled in grass-fed butter
  • 5 pieces of uncured bacon

Pretty simple… What’s yours?

15. Down raw vegetables

working out everyday5 years ago I would have thought I was crazy for saying this… But now I LOVE raw veggies. Sure cooked are better, however, sometimes you have no other option.

The best way to eat raw veggies is by cutting them up and throwing them in a salad with some BBQ chicken and olive oil/balsamic dressing. Mmmmm delicious!

16. Know HOW to buy red meat

Red meat is NOT created equal. The difference between grass-fed and grain-fed is drastic. Without going into much detail, spend the few extra dollars and go with grass-fed. Your health and fat burning will greatly thank you.

=> Click here to see why you should go with grass-fed

17. Perform Double Unders

One of my favorite exercises, something I have been doing since I was 10-years old. This simple workout can burn up to 19 calories per minute (if not more). => Click here to see more!

Your goal should be to build up to doing 100 in a row. My record is 305, however I am going to need some work if I want to beat that…

If you don’t know how to do double unders, check out the link below:

=> How to do double unders

foods to eat before bed18. Wake up at 5AM

This is definitely a tough one… However as someone like yourself who understands the importance of sleep, this isn’t that difficult to do because all you simply need to do is go to bed early. One of my mentors, Craig Ballantyne wakes up every morning at 4AM… No questions asked.

Now that’s impressive. If you can do that, let me know.

Multiple studies have shown that early risers are more successful in a wide variety of ways including in their health. Just be sure you are not staying up till midnight then waking at this time.

Get in the habit of hitting the sack early so you can rise early to start your day.

=> Check out Craig’s new Turbulence Training 2.0 Workout program

19. Enjoy long walks

Walking is one of the best things you can do for your overall health yet too many of us spend far more time sitting than we do moving. As I like to say:

“The more time you spend moving, the less time you spend sitting.”

Get out and move more… Walk, hike, play frisbee, go to the beach, etc. The more active you are the better.


This is by far the most important… A quote I always remind myself and my clients of is this:

“Health and fitness should NOT run your life… It should simply be part of it.”

Ways To Make Exercise A Daily Habit2This about that for a second… Have you ever gone through a period where health and fitness has consumed every second of your life?

I know I have… I know now that it is all about balance.

If you skip a workout, don’t stress. Move on and hit it hard the next day.

If you mess up on your diet, don’t go all crazy and worry the rest of the day.

Now if these are continually happening (skipping workouts and cheating on your diet), that’s when you need to sit down and reevaluate.

Working out, eating right, and living a healthy life is all about balance. What we have just covered are some fun ways that you can continually challenge yourself in your fitness while still greatly enjoying life.

Remember, health and fitness should not run your life, it should simply be part of it. Now drop me a comment and let me know what else fitness enthusiast should be able to do!

Thanks for reading!

-Dennis Heenan