Kiss Boring And Generic Workouts Good-Bye And Accelerate Fat Burning With 16 Insane Workouts And Finishers For Only $9

There are generic and boring workouts then there are Superior and Gut-Wrenching Accelerator workouts. You want to do one, and avoid the other. Here’s why…

Generic and Boring- Don’t work, waste your time, and cause you to quit…

Feeling-tiredGeneric workouts are ones you see people doing everyday at the gym… Look around and you will understand what I am talking about…

Long rides one the treadmill and elliptical, out-dated intervals, weak circuits, and “muscle mag” workouts that simply do not bring the results you want.

When you perform this style of working out… It is very hard to stick to your workout program because like anything in life…

We want what we do to be fun and exciting.

No one wants boring.

And especially boring that doesn’t bring results. 

Far too many times you see people start a workout program only to quit a few days or a few weeks later…

It’s time to stop the lack of results, boring and outdated workouts and start doing…

Superior and Gut Wrenching Accelerators Demands results, are time efficient, and rip your body to the core!

2 programWhy spend 60-minutes in the gym when 25-minutes will do? When done properly, you don’t need much more than 25 minutes for an incredible fat incinerating workout.

Your body is designed for short, intense bouts of work… This is what allows for maximal fat utilization, optimal hormonal responses, and the ability to add lean muscle and eliminate unwanted fat at the same time. 

Just take a look at this study done by Experimental Biology…

Researchers tested 11 men and 11 women, all of whom were working out at different levels of intensity. What researchers found was that the group of individuals working out closest to their anaerobic threshold, they experienced maximal fat utilization.

This means the group that was performing high intensity “gut-wrenching” workouts as opposed to doing longer, slower forms of cardio saw greater fat loss and allowed their body to directly use fat as energy.

PLUS, when done properly…

All you need is 5-20 minutes in order for this immense fat burning to occur. 

Now here’s the GOOD NEWS…

I am taking out all the confusion in your workouts…

No more wondering what you should do, no more spending hours in the gym, or buying fitness mags (for their weak workouts), and no more lack of results.

It is time to stop the madness…

And start applying the Superior and Gut-Wrenching Accelerator style workouts!

And TODAY ONLY, you can grab 9 Fat Incinerating Accelerator workouts and 7 Gut-Wrenching Finishers and eliminate the boring once and for all!

Even better, you can grab all these workouts for only $9!

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When You Order The 9 Fat Incinerating Accelerator Workouts AND 7 Gut-Wrenching Finishers, You Will Discover…

  • Full Video Descriptions and Exercise Demonstrations For Each Workout
  • 9 Different Full Body Workouts That Will Have You Begging For No More, All In Under 20-Minutes
  • 3 “Off-Day” Workouts To Perform So You Know Your Body Is In A Constant State Of Burning Fat
  • Over 20 Different Bodyweight Exercises That Can Be Done Any Time Anywhere
  • 7 Gut-Wrenching Finishers That Are Guaranteed To Be The Hardest 3-5 Minutes of Any Workout You Do
  • Learn How To Manipulate Your Rest Periods For Better And More Efficient Results
  • The Craziest 4 Minute Finisher You May Ever Do In Your Life…
  • And Much Much More…

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What Equipment Do I Need For These Workouts? 

The only piece of equipment you have the option to use is a jump rope. However if you do not have a jump rope, I will show you an alternative exercise that you can do!

What If I Am A Beginner, Can I Use These?

Although these workouts are intense, you make them as intense as you want them to be. The exercises you will find can cater to beginners and there are plenty of variations you can substitute in. So YES, beginners can take on these workouts.

I Am Advanced, Will These Be Hard Enough For Me?

HA! Simple answer… YES!

How Long Will These Workouts Take Me?

Anywhere from 3-25 minutes. Talk about time efficient 🙂

Can I Get Toned And Lose My Belly Fat With These? 

Absolutely. These workouts are designed for maximal fat utilization which means you will directly use your unwanted fat as energy as you go through these workouts. Time to say good-bye belly fat and hello six-pack!

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