10 Things You Should Know About Getting In Shape

What you should know before you get fit!

The New Year is well under way and I am seeing more and more new faces at the gym. This is one of my favorite times of year because everyone is so focused on changing their health and getting fit. I love the energy and enthusiasm that people bring into their workouts and to the gym each day. Unfortunately, in about a month we will start to see a huge drop off as people start to quit their new years resolutions.

Please prove me wrong and commit to saying ‘NOT THIS YEAR!’

Stay strong to what you have set. Push through the pain, soreness, and tiredness. You can do it!

As we all know, getting in shape is no easy task. And that is why I have decided to write this post. This will help prepare you so you know all about what it takes to get in shape. Please read this and share it with everyone you know as they need to see it too.

So what should you know about getting in shape? Let’s get to it…

1. It is going to be HARD!

If you are going into this thinking that it is easy, you have been completely misled. If getting in shape were easy, we would have one very fit nation. It is going to take lots of hard work and dedication but the process itself is very simple. To get started, be sure to check out the free gift I have for you as well as my Six-Pack Abs Series!

2. You will get sore.

Expect to get sore. Expect to be tired. Expect to hurt (not as in injury, be smart about training!). These things will happen. If they don’t, you are doing something wrong. You cannot expect to see great results from your workouts if you are not pushing your body to get better each and every workout. This does not mean to go in the first day and lift so hard that you cannot walk the next day. Start slow and over time start pushing yourself harder as your body will start to be able to handle more and more.

3. You will want to quit… More than once.

Heck you may even want to quit after the first workout. Do NOT allow yourself to. The first few weeks are going to be the hardest. You will then hit more lulls and thoughts of quitting along the way but don’t give in. Don’t be the person that quits their New Years resolution in February.

Every time you feel like quitting, push harder. Make your workouts more intense, do a more challenging weight, incorporate a few new challenging exercises. Go the opposite way of quitting and get even stronger than before!

4. It is incredibly rewarding.

Getting in shape and getting healthy is one of the most rewarding milestones in life. If you have never experienced this, let this year be the year that you do.

5. You will inspire others.

When others see you working hard to change your health, you will inspire them to do the same. It is a domino effect. I have seen this so many times where someone gets fit then that very next week 3-4 of their friends are hitting the gym regularly and eating better. Be the inspiration to those around you.

6. You will form friendships.

After my freshman year of college when my own transformation took place, the friendships I formed with my workout partners Brian and Levi are something I will cherish forever. To this day, we are all three still best friends. We may have still been friends have we not worked out together that summer, but our friendship wouldn’t be near the level it is at.

Working out is a special time and you form great connections with the people you do it with.

7. It is completely worth it.

The excuses of why not to get in shape are endless. But above all those excuses, when someone asks why they should get in shape, the simple answer is this: Because it’s worth it. You will feel better, look better, have more confidence, be more active, be able to play with your kids for hours, etc.

8. You will feel better than ever within weeks if not days.

When you start eating right and exercising regularly, you will be surprised at how quickly you start to feel better and how much more energy you will have. And the best part is, that feel “goodedness” and more energy just keeps getting better!

9. A lifelong habit will form.

This may be one of the best parts about getting in shape. When it is all said and done, it is not about having six-pack abs or huge muscles or toned legs (although these things come with being fit and in shape), it is about being healthy. It is about being that vibrant 90-year old who can run up stairs, lift weights, and play racket ball at the gym. That is what getting in shape can do: It forms a lifelong habit so you can live a happy and healthy life!

10. It will change your life.

My transformation back in college literally changed my life. After seeing some quick results, I became obsessed with health and fitness and read everything I could get my hands on (and I still do that to this day!). I look back at that time in my life, and am just so thankful for everything.

If my transformation would not have taken place, I do not know where I would be now…

Getting in shape is more than just looking and feeling good. It develops a strong work ethic, perseverance, mental and physical toughness, discipline, focus, and more. The benefits are endless and life changing!


Let 2013 be the year you change your health for good. You now know what to expect and I challenge you to push through no matter what. Do not let a little soreness or thoughts of quitting stop you. Be different and attack each workout with more energy than before.

If you need a plan or a place to start, be sure to check out a few of the resources below:

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