10 Reasons to Workout in the Morning

“Every morning you have two choices: continue your sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase your dreams. The choice is yours!”

Morning workouts are not easy. They require you to wake up earlier than usual, be focused at an hour that you are usually sleeping, have your workout gear prepared so you can get out the door quickly, and for many, fighting the bitter cold of a winter morning comes into play. So why would you want to workout in the morning? Outlined below are 10 benefits of working out in the morning that may change the way you think about when you should workout. Take a look at 10 benefits below and be sure to leave your feedback at the end of the article:

1. Builds consistency

Consistency is one of the biggest factors when it comes to getting and staying fit. When you choose to set your workouts in the morning, you are building a consistent workout schedule. If you do not have a set workout schedule, you will more than likely start missing workouts a few times per week.

2. No crowd equals no waiting

The most popular workout times at gyms are in the afternoon and night when everyone gets off work. When you are trying to finish a workout in certain time frame, the last thing you want is to have to wait for equipment to use. Mornings at the gym are not nearly as crowded as afternoons and nights. This means no waiting, no crowd, and less distractions.

3. Jump starts your metabolism

Working out boosts your metabolism, so why not get that started first thing in the morning? Take advantage of the morning by working out and ensure that you will burn fat all day. Morning workouts will rev your metabolism so you are burning more calories and fat even while you sit at your desk all day.

4. Gives you energy for the rest of the day

If you have ever been through a morning workout, you know exactly what I mean. You may be a bit groggy getting to the gym, but once finished, you have this great energy that will carry you throughout the rest of your day.

5. Will help you sleep better

Waking up early and working out both play a role in helping you sleep better at night. So the combination of the two will work wonders in bringing you a better nights rest. Not only will it help you fall asleep earlier, but it will keep you in a deeper sleep through the night.

6. Improves discipline

It takes discipline to get up for an early morning workout. The more discipline you have in your workouts, the better off you are. Discipline will allow you to workout when you are scheduled to workout, eat healthy, and simply enjoy life.

7. Sets you up for a successful day

Morning workouts will help set up a more successful day health-wise. Think about this for a second: after a workout, don’t you think you would be more likely to eat a healthy breakfast rather than a donut at the office? Of course you would. You do not want to take away all that hard work you just put in during your workout.

Morning workouts are the perfect start to help set you up for a day filled with healthy foods and good recovery.

8. You will be more focused

Studies have shown that the morning is when you are most focused. This makes total sense as you have not had to deal with anything a typical day throws at you (stress, work, complaining friends, screaming children, etc.) Morning workouts allow you to have a clear mind and will set you up for a better, more energized day ahead.

9. Less likely to skip the workout

After a long day at work, many times your body and mind are beat up and run down. The last thing you feel like doing is going to get your workout in. That said, you are much less likely to miss a morning workout because there are far less excuses for you to come up with (besides hitting the snooze!). If you workout in the morning, the only excuse you have for missing is “I was tired.”

In the afternoon or night however, you can come up with dozens of excuses: too tired, stressed, have more work to do, kids have practice, too much homework, it’s family night, etc. etc. Don’t give yourself the option of missing a workout because of what happens during the day. Instead, push past the grogginess and temptation of hitting the snooze and get it done early!

10. It just works

The fact that you are less likely to miss a morning workout, are more focused and energized, and that it will boost your metabolism all day long shows that morning workouts are superior to workouts later in the day. If for some reason there is no way for you to workout in the morning, the next best time is ANYTIME!

Don’t get me wrong and think that I am saying morning workouts are the only kind that work. For years my workouts took place at 4PM or later and I saw incredible results. So clearly, anytime you workout is going to bring results when combined with proper eating. However for those people who are consistently missing workouts, are having trouble getting to the gym, or are simply looking to change things up; morning workouts are for you!

What are your thoughts on morning workouts? Leave your comments and feedback below!

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  1. I am going to start tomorrow, your 10 reasons make so much sense, i love to sleep late, wake up late, I end up feeling un-energized most of the day and naturally am messing up my business. I know this will work, i need it to work!

  2. Todd

    You didn’t mention that your family won’t feel like you are leaving them since they’re all still in bed.

    • Dennis

      That is a great point! Most times you are back before family is even awake. I will be adding that to the list. Thanks!

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