How To Change Up Your Workouts

How To Change Up Your Workouts? Below is a quick video on how to change up your current workout routine to make sure you continue progressing and improving your results. Take a look: Are you looking to change up your workouts and finally see your abs? If so, click here! P.S. Here’s the free workout … [Read more…]

Killer Direct Ab Workout

Give this a direct ab workout a try to start sculpting your abs and burning the fat around them (bonus workout taken from Superhero Abs) Click Here For More Superhero Ab Workouts (11 direct core workouts and 40 “indirect” core workouts!)  

5 Ways To Burn More Calories

How To Burn More Calories Despite what the “experts” say, the old saying “calories in vs. calories out” still does matter… If you are frustrated by your progress… Then you have to burn more calories. Below we will cover 5 quick and simple ways that you can start doing this [plus I will build an … [Read more…]

10-Minute Density Superhero Workout

10-Minute Density Superhero Workout By Derek Wahler Creator: 10-Minute Fat Loss It’s the secret to getting amazing results in a short amount of time… That’s what we all want, right? In all my time training people online and in person, I’ve never heard someone say, “I actually don’t have a lot going on today….so can … [Read more…]

Superhero Pause Push

Hey Superhero’s, I’ve got an amazing workout to share with you today that is going to be a bit different than what we normally do. You can check it out below. PLUS, don’t forget to watch your bonus video that follows: TODAY is the last day to pick up your copy of Bodyweight Strong 2.0 … [Read more…]

Bodyweight Strong Techniques

There has been a ton of talk this week about how to gain strength with just your bodyweight. And yes, it is possible as you will see when I explain the three techniques below. Enjoy! Click Here for more information on Bodyweight Strong 2.0 and start gaining strength with just your bodyweight today!

3 Weird SUPERfoods

Growing up, I was never one to try new foods. I was the kid that stuck to the same few meals over and over because that’s what I enjoyed. So when I started eating the foods that we will cover today… It was a bit shocking even for myself. However, after doing much research and testing … [Read more…]