Why I Hate Excuses

It is Saturday afternoon and as I sit here writing this, I just got done with an email conversation with someone telling me all the reasons they are struggling to get in shape.

I get this kind of email quite often, however this one came with good timing. More on that in a second…

There is a reason I hate excuses and this is because of the simple fact that there is almost always a solution to your excuse. 

Think about it for a second… What are your excuses for why you are struggling to get in shape?

Time? Work? Kids? Money? Lack of motivation? Lack of direction? Don’t know where to start? 

Listen, the excuses can go on and on but if you really sat down to think about it… You would be able to come up with 5-10 solutions to your excuses.

Let me give you a few examples:

Excuse: Don’t Have Time

Solution: Keep your workouts to 10-15 minutes 3 days per week. If you don’t have 15 minutes to workout, you really need to take a look at what you are doing in life. (i.e.. too much TV? too much Facebook? Twitter? Partying?)

Excuse: Don’t have money for a gym

Solution: Who said you need a gym to workout? You own bodyweight is the best piece of equipment you have. I go through weeks where I don’t even touch a weight or go to a gym and just do bodyweight exercises. It works! You can get incredibly fit with zero equipment…

Excuse: Lack of Motivation

Solution: At some point you are going to have to suck it up and get fit. Change before you have to not because you have too… Let that sink in for a second… It’s powerful.

I just gave you three quick examples of how to shut down your excuses and start getting fit. Seriously, stop the excuses… they aren’t getting you anywhere.

Now listen, if you are someone who keeps making excuses for not working out… I want you to go over and check out the 3 most common excuses people make when it comes to working out and see the solutions to those excuses. 

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Now this is important… After reading that, I want you to take action! 

That means today. Sacrifice the 9$ you would have spent on a fancy cocktail and invest in your health.

That my friends is changing before you have to, not because you have to…

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Happy Saturday!