When To Eat Carbohydrates To Get Ripped

ripped and readyYou see it and hear it everywhere…

“You must avoid carbohydrates if you want to get lean…”

If you are still thinking like this, you are very mistaken.

The fact is, carbohydrates are NEEDED and a MUST if you ever want to get lean and ripped. 

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The key is… properly timing your carbohydrates and knowing when and how much to eat.

Now there are three ideal times you should eat your carbohydrates in order to allow them to be stored properly in your body (ie. NOT as fat):

1. First thing in the morning.

When you first wake up, your metabolism is high and your glucose tolerance is typically highest making it a good time to eat carbohydrates.

It is important to note here that if you do include carbs with your first meal, to always eat at least 30 grams of protein as well.

2. 3-4 hours before a workout.

A better option to eat your carbs is to eat them 3-4 hours before your strength training workout. Carbs will help keep you energized as you go through your workout and allow for more fat burning.

Again, make sure you add in 30 grams of protein to your pre-workout meal.

3. (BEST OPTION) Immediately after your workout.

Ways To Make Exercise A Daily Habit1The best time to indulge in your carbohydrates is immediately post workout. After an intense training session, your body is primed to indulge in carbs to allow for recovery and to “refill” the glycogen stores in your muscles.

Essentially, when you eat your carbs after training sessions, they will NEVER get stored as fat.

It will allow you to easily drop fat and maintain your lean muscle. (exactly what you want)

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There is a science when it comes to getting lean and ripped in terms of manipulating the carbohydrates that you eat.

Essentially what this means is you MUST cycle your carbohydrates if you ever want that belly fat to disappear forever.

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