Ways To Amp Up Your Workout

Five Ways To Amp Up Your Workout

If you are struggling to get the most out of your workouts or are finding the gym to be boring, this is the article for you. We all go through days where we don’t have the motivation to get to the gym or you may feel that your workouts have dried up. Don’t worry, there are always ways to amp up your workouts to get the most out of them. Take a look below at what you can do:

Bump Up The Intensity

Many times when people tell me they do not like working out, it is because they tell me that they spend hours at a time on a treadmill or elliptical. If those were the workouts I did, I would be right there with you. Sounds like the worst thing ever!

Instead, start hitting the weight room floor and start bumping up the intensity so you can start seeing results and have more energy throughout your workouts. When you go through an intense workout, your energy levels shoot up in order to push you through to the end. Not only that, but when you bump up the intensity in your workouts you will start seeing results. And getting results is always a great way to keep you working hard.

Change Things Up

There may be no better way to amp up a workout than to change things up. If your workouts are boring, something must change. Start adding in different and unique exercises like kettlebell swings, tire flips, sled pushes, etc. to add a little more fun to your workouts.

No matter what kind of workouts you do, there will come a time when things need to change. Engaging in new workouts is a perfect way to get amped up and continue seeing results.

Get A Partner

Competition will always amp up a workout because no one likes to be beat by a friend or workout partner. While in California recently, all the workouts I engaged in were competitions with friends. It was not just about who could lift the most (as some of us were already stronger than others) but it was about who was working the hardest.

The last thing I wanted was for one of my friends to outwork me in the weight room so we were constantly pushing each other on every lift and every exercise. Support is huge when getting to the next level in your workouts. So find a friend, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend and start competing to get better!

Set Challenging Goals

Setting goals is a great way to push you through to another level and to make sure you are always pushing to get better. About a month ago, I tried doing 100 straight push-ups only to go collapsing to the floor at number 97. Now after this happened, wouldn’t you think I was highly motivated to get those 3 extra push-ups the next time I went for 100? Of course I was!

Each day I went to workout, those 100 straight push-ups were on my mind and a week later when I gave it another try, I got the 100 straight push-ups! Setting challenging goals for yourself will ensure that you are getting better, getting stronger, and will help keep you amped for every single workout.

Get A Playlist

We all know music can have a huge affect on our moods and this includes getting us amped to workout. There are 4-5 songs that no matter when I hear them will get me fired up to lift. If your playlist is not bringing you the energy you need, try adding some new songs to the mix or ask friends what songs they use to get pumped up for a workout.


There are certainly things that you can do to get fired up to workout. The five ways above are just the tip of the iceberg. I would love to hear about the ways you get fired up for a workout or maybe even some songs you would like to share. Leave your comments and suggestions in the ‘Comments Section’ below!

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