Unmotivated to Workout? Here’s what to do:

workout motivationHave you ever gone through a period when your motivation to workout was at an all time low? Where every time you went to workout, you either couldn’t muster up the energy or couldn’t get excited about it? You know the feeling I am talking about…

Just for a second, imagine that unmotivated feeling… Seriously do it…

Now throw that feeling out the window and read about how you can smash “un-motivation” in the face and start having your best workouts ever.

Look, I have been there done that when it comes to being unmotivated to workout.

In fact, there have been multiple times in my life where I felt as though I never wanted to workout again.

It happens to everyone. But listen, if I can push past these feelings of motivation you certainly can too. Here are a few of the tactics I have used to crush lack of motivation and start getting back to wearing my ‘I Love Workouts’ shirt:

1. Just Show Up!

This is 90% of the battle. With the hundreds of excuses to choose from for why you can’t make it to your workout, it is key that the first step is simply showing up.

Push past the excuses, get in your car and drive to the gym. If you are working out at home, put on your workout cloths, throw on some pump up music, and go to your workout area ready to go.

2. Just Do 5-Minutes…

I learned this one from expert Craig Ballantyne. What you do is convince yourself that you are only going to workout for 5-minutes. That’s all, just 5-minutes… What you will find though is once you start sweating and breathing hard, it is going to be hard to stop.

You will be surprised what 5-minutes of hard work can do for the rest of your workout.

workout partner3. Get a partner for the day.

Having a workout partner who is motivated to workout makes a huge difference. The most motivated I have ever been working out was when I worked out with my good friends Brian and Levi for the simple fact that we made our workouts fun and competed with each other.

Many times now, I find myself working out alone so I am the one who must motivated myself. However, if I know it is going to be a struggle that day, I may schedule a workout with a friend just for the motivation to get it done.

Try this tactic, it works wonders!

4. Go sprint…

You may be thinking… ‘Seriously, sprints when I am unmotivated to workout?!’…

The reason this works is because it forces you to be outside and it changes things up. Most people do not sprint very often so I have found that sprinting can be a fun way to do something different and get motivated.

Plus, your workouts only have to be 10-15 minutes so that is always a plus!

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5. Keep a workout log.

When you keep a workout log, you are able to see your upcoming workouts as well as cross off the workouts you already did. There is nothing worse than going back through your workouts and seeing you missed 1 or 2 over a 6-12 week period.

The simple fact of being able to put a red ‘X’ through a workout gives us great satisfaction. It shows us we are accomplishing something and moving closer to our goals.

If you are someone who is a visual person, this is a must have…

Now listen, are these 5 steps 100% foolproof? Absolutely not. But will they help? YES!

The overall key is just getting it done. No more excuses and missed workouts. The time is now to get healthy so throw your excuses out the window and go get fit once and for all…