Unhealthy And Out Of Shape

1 pound of fat a yearLet me be completely honest here… Being out of shape and unhealthy is easy. Anyone can sit around all day and eat chips and donuts while watching Seinfeld (great show, though!).

Seriously think about that for a second…

How easy would that be? Eat whatever you want, never workout or do anything physical…

As fun (and horrible) as this may sound, there is a very big percentage of people who do this every single day…

And the fact of the matter is this is the easy way out

“But Dennis… Eating healthy is hard, more expensive, “doesn’t taste as good”, takes more time, etc. etc. etc…”

“And working out is challenging, requires effort, takes time, burns my muscles too much, etc. etc. etc…”

I once heard a quote that stated:

“Anything worth doing is difficult and requires sacrifice.”

Let me tell you right now…

Your health is worth “doing” and fighting for, and WILL require sacrifice. 

You have one life, one body, and one chance… so why not make the most of it? 

Do you really want to continue down the path you are on? A path of laziness and unhealthy actions and patterns…

It is never too late to change your health. I recently witnessed a good friend and client of mine who decided it was time to change his health and here is what happened…

In just 30 days, he:

  • Lost 22 pounds of fat
  • Quit smoking
  • Drastically improved his cardio and strength
  • Gained confidence
  • Was feeling and looking better than he ever had before!

Yes, all in just 30 days! 

Listen, you can do the exact same thing if you commit yourself to it. 

Once you get past the initial starting point, it only gets easier and easier. You gain momentum and nothing can stop you after that. 

You have a choice to make right here, right now…

  • Continue down the current path you are on…


  • Start taking the steps to changing your health for the better. The sooner you start, the sooner you will reach your goals and take back your health.

I truly hope you choose the latter…

If you want to start changing your life and going down a new and better path to great health, here is what I want you to do…

Go pick up a copy of my Daily Shred Diet. This is the same program that helped my friend lose 22 pounds of fat in 30 days and another client lose 15 pounds in 33 days.

It is a powerful system and is the perfect starting point for you to start changing your health.

=> The Daily Shred Diet <—— Only if you are serious!

Follow exactly what it says for 30-33 days, and let the momentum of lifelong health get started!

The time to change is now. So go get started!