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With as good as the bodyweight bonus workouts are that I have included, even better results will come when you combine the UltraCut Method and these workouts!



Here is what you will get:

P1notebooklayingComponent 1: Ultra Cut Workouts, Phase One

($47 Value) – Phase one of the Ultra Cut program will challenge you from day one. The workouts were designed to put you on the fast track to getting ultra cut. Each workout builds upon the last ensuring that you are getting stronger each time you hit the gym. No matter what fitness level, the workouts in Phase One can be done by beginners or advanced workers. You will get the jumpstart you need to ensure you are prepared to take on the rest of the Ultra Cut program!

P2notebooklaying-11Component 2: Ultra Cut Workouts, Phase Two

($47 Value) -Phase two of the Ultra Cut program will consist of a continued mixture of strength and circuit training workouts, that will slowly help you transition into phase three. You will find more challenging workouts in phase two to ensure you continue burning unwanted fat while replacing it with lean muscle.


P3notebooklaying-3Component 3: Ultra Cut Workouts, Phase Three

($47 Value) – Phase three of the Ultra Cut program will be focused on gaining strength, and lots of it. Each workout during phase three will be focused on getting stronger. Phase three will help you to understand that the more lean muscle you have, the less fat you will have. This phase will also incorporate some earth shattering finisher workouts, so be warned!

P4notebooklaying-2Component 4: Ultra Cut Workouts, Phase Four

($47 Value) – The final phase of the Ultra Cut program has some of the most challenging workouts that you will ever see. This is the true mixture of strength training and circuit training all mixed into each workout session. After going through the previous three phases, your body will be prepared to take on the final phase of the Ultra Cut program. This final phase was designed to obliterate unwanted fat while maintaining all the lean muscle you worked so hard to put on. This phase alone will be worth every penny spent!

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