Total Wellness Cleanse – Is it for you?

My Honest Review of the Total Wellness Cleanse

“Hey Dennis, I have been hearing a lot about the Total Wellness Cleanse this week by Yuri Elkaim. What are your thoughts on it?”

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Author: Yuri Elkaim

As you know, I only support products that I have used before or have had the privilege to review so here comes my honest opinion to all the detox stuff that’s going around.

First and foremost, Yuri (the creator of the Total Wellness Cleanse) is a highly respected name in the health and wellness industry. He’s someone I have been following for years, while studying and learning from his unique methods.

I’ve used a few of his tips in the past (like thousands of people have), and they have most certainly worked. They have helped me feel more energized, focused, and just overall more healthy.

That said, will I be doing the Total Wellness Cleanse? No, not at this time as I will tell you why in just a second.

Does that mean you shouldn’t either though? Well, that’s completely for you to decide.

I will say now, when I do decide to do a cleanse, I will for sure be using Yuri’s Total Wellness Cleanse.

Here’s why:

Yuri’s approach is practical, natural, and still allows you to LIVE. 

Most “detox” programs have you drink some sort of disgusting concoction or take dangerous supplements or starve yourself…

Our bodies don’t respond positively to this kind of treatment.

If you are going to do a detox, you want a program that you can actually sustain so that you don’t have to keep coming back and detoxing every few months (or weeks with some programs). And even more important, you want to do a program that you can stick with.

I mean who really wants to drink lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper for 2 straight weeks… I sure don’t…

As Yuri points out:

Detoxes are NOT meant for starving yourself or forcing yourself to drink some terrible tasting concoction or take a bunch of supplements or some magic drink that makes you go to the bathroom every ten minutes.

Proper detoxes focus on eating REAL food and doing it in a certain order so that your body can flush out toxins and be cleansed

And for many, this will be the first time in your life that your body will be completely flushed out of these nasty toxins.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 2.35.37 PMWhen done properly, within just 14-days time, cleanses can help you experience:

  • More energy
  • Better health
  • Have less fat
  • Better eating habits
  • More focus
  • Improved digestion

And more… That is what a cleanse is supposed to do. It supposed to be the kick-starter to lifelong health.

“So Dennis, why aren’t you doing it right now then?”

First off, I am in the midst of testing a new diet on myself, something that I started a few weeks back. So right now, I can’t drop that and jump on the cleanse.

Second, I will be going to see family in California soon and we all know that there will be at least one day (or two or five ha!) where I would have to break the cleanse.

I know excuses, excuses 🙂 In all seriousness, when I return from my trip to California, that’s when I have scheduled my cleanse. I will have just gone through a few days of eating whatever I want and my current diet testing phase will be over. So then will be the perfect time to do it.

I will say it again though, it is on YOU to determine if a cleanse is something you are interested in. If you feel as though you have been struggling with your health, eating, energy, focus… And want to start over or hit the reset button on your body…

Then give this a try. You don’t have anything to lose.

If anything, at least go read the first 8-10 sections on this page hereIt is fascinating to learn about how many toxins are in the foods we eat these days, even foods we think are “healthy.” Let me warn you though, it may get you a little angry to learn what these food companies are doing just to save a few dollars… Not cool.

=> Click here to read

So there you have it, my quick thoughts on all that has been going around lately on the topic of the Total Wellness Cleanse.

And again, it comes down to YOU and what’s right for YOUR body.

Hope this was helpful,

Dennis Heenan

=> Click here to learn more about the Total Wellness Cleanse [at least go read the first 8-10 sections. Fascinating…]