1. […] trying to get in shape, it will not always be fun. But your body is relying on you to get those workouts in and relying on you to feed it incredibly healthy food so it can burn fat and build muscle! […]

  2. […] get to the gym, I find my focus. For me, starting with some heavy deadlifting always gets be going! Find an exercise that makes you feel energized and start with that. Once you have the energy, it is easy to push […]

  3. […] cannot be said about strength training and if by now I still haven’t convinced you to hit the weight room floor hopefully this article will. Below, I have listed eleven benefits you will see when it comes […]

  4. […] First off, you will have the most energy in the beginning of your workouts. After a light warm up, your muscles are primed with glycogen (energy for your body), your muscles are the most fresh, and your cardiovascular has yet to be challenged. The start of a workout is the best time to hit the weights hard because this is when your body is going to be the most ready to go. As your workout continues on, your energy depletes making it harder to do the big exercises. […]

  5. […] of a workout: Our bodies naturally start producing testosterone as we start engaging in intense exercises. 15 minutes into a workout: Our bodies are producing more and more testosterone as we continue our […]

  6. […] have a solid workout program, all of the exercises you do will involve using your core. Some of the best exercises for your abs are ones that indirectly target them. For example, doing exercises such as pull-ups, […]

  7. […] of abs isn’t going to get me leaner and stronger like squats, pull-ups, or push-ups will (these are just a few examples). Working out your core is important, but it should never be your focus. To build a ripped set of […]

  8. […] squat, body weight squat, squat jumps, box squat, overhead squat, dumbbell squat, etc. All the essential exercises have plenty of variations for you to do. The main thing to remember is keep it simple. 10. Work […]

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