The Nutrition Nerd

What happens when a ‘Nutrition Nerd’ and ‘Workout Wizard’ get together for a weekend…

Imagine for a second two guys in thick black rimmed glasses, bantering back and forth about the importance of nutrition, why protein is awesome, what oils to cook with, what carbs to eat, how many calories to take in, etc…

Nutrition NerdThat was the scene at the recent mastermind meeting in Vegas as myself and the ‘Nutrition Nerd’ himself, Nick Pineault, discussing anything and everything nutrition.

Nick is the smartest guys I know when it comes to nutrition… I mean this guy knows his stuff!

As we were talking it was apparent why they call this guy, the ‘Nutrition Nerd.’

As we went back and forth, Nick said something to me that really just won’t leave my mind… As we discussed some of the biggest obstacles people face when it comes to nutrition, Nick stated that:

“People simply don’t understand how to keep a healthy kitchen.”

This sparked a whole new conversation as I told Nick about how I personally teach others to keep their kitchen healthy. Yet Nick took it to a whole new level.

The Workout WizardAs you know, one of my first recommendations when trying to get healthy is to clear out the junk food in your kitchen. If you don’t have junk foods to tempt you, there is a 100% chance you won’t eat it, right?

I said this to Nick, and he agreed. However, he didn’t stop there…

He started telling me about how most people do not understand exactly what is considered to be ‘junk food’, especially when trying to burn fat and get fit.

He told me many of his clients will still cook with vegetable oils, eat breads and pastas, have sugary yogurts for breakfast, and drink diet soda cause those aren’t labeled “junk food”.

This is simply because for years people have been taught that these foods are “healthy.”

The truth is, as Nick pointed out in his thick French accent, these foods are what kill peoples results, gut, and stall fat burning. 

I couldn’t agree more with him.

There are plenty of foods that the FDA and food companies label as ‘healthy’ yet absolutely kill your fat burning efforts and your health.

At this point in the conversation, the passion really started pouring out of the both of us.

Just picture two kids with big black rimmed glasses, one a foot taller than the other, going back and forth waving their arms in excitement discussing nutrition with all these big words… That was us…

Anyways, our conversation continued on with me asking Nick this question:

“What is the best piece of nutrition advice you can give me to give my readers?”

His answer was simple:

calories in calories outGet educated.

You see, with all the information that is out there it is very hard at times to know what to believe and what not to believe.

I think we can all agree that something in the realm of nutrition is going to have to change if we want to avoid seeing 80% of Americans being overweight…

If you look around at the most fit and most healthy individuals, they are the ones that are the most educated. They know how to eat properly. 

And by being properly educated, they are able to know exactly how to eat for best results and optimal health.

You cannot go by what the mainstream (government, FDA, news, etc.) says anymore… It just doesn’t work.

You have to start thinking differently about the foods you consume if you want to start getting fit.

This is part of the reason Nick has spent the last several years going through thousands of research papers, books, articles, and blogs…

He wants to be educated so he can help educate others.

Lucky for you,  you don’t have to spend hours researching in order to get answersNick has already done that for you.

See, recently Nick took his lifelong work and created the best fat burning education system I have ever seen and gone through.

box-lgHe calls it ‘Truth About Fat Burning Foods‘ and he literally covers everything under the sun.

From what proteins to eat, what fats are best, why carbs are important, how to choose your coffee, what to keep in your kitchen, and more.

If you have ever wondered about anything nutrition, Nick answers it in The Truth About Fat Burning Foods.

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Now as you know… I LOVE nutrition and talking nutrition… Yet for me the conversation can’t just end at that. I mean I am the ‘Workout Wizard’ and all… So workouts are a ‘must talk about’ for me…

So when I mentioned what to Nick that I would love to create some workouts as a compliment to his Truth About Fat Burning Foods system, he just about leaped out of the room.

So the Nutrition Nerd and Workout Wizard brainstormed and decided for the next 3 days, a special bonus will be added to this already amazing program.

Here is what I decided to do:

Superhero Supersets

Your’s FREE!

If you purchase Nick’s Truth About Fat Burning Foods system, you will get a FREE copy of my brand new Superhero Supersets Workout program.

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That my friends is what happens when the Nutrition Nerd and Workout Wizard come together for a weekend and let their minds go to work.

Head over and check out Nicks program and start getting educated on how to eat properly, live healthier, and look better. This program is truly a lifesaver.

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Plus, remember you get a FREE copy of my Superhero Supersets program if you order within the next 3 days. Can’t beat that!

Nutrition Nerd… Workout Wizard… OUT!

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