Thanksgiving Workout and Turkey Day QandA

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Email Start:

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to both you and your family. With so much to be thankful for, it is amazing Thanksgiving is only once per year.

With that said, I wanted to quickly send my gratitude towards you, my friends and subscribers, and just say thank you for believing in me as you are trying to get fit.

It means a lot and I am excited to be on this journey with you. 

Alright, on to what I have for you:

Thanksgiving Day Workout Domination: Strength Training Circuit + HIIT= Total body fat burning 

This workout will take less than 30 minutes, but will leaving you begging for no more by the end.

Warm-Up Circuit

Perform the exercises back-to-back with no rest for one full round:

10 Bodyweight Squats
10 Push-Ups
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Lunges (each leg)
Once finished, move into the workout below:

Strength Training Circuit
-30 seconds of each exercise
-No rest between exercises
-Rest 60 seconds after completing each full round
-Repeat a total of 3 rounds

1A. Barbell Squat
1B. Dumbbell Chest Press
1C. Pull-Ups or Underhand Rows
1D. Dumbbell Overhead Press
Rest 60 seconds after completing all 4 exercises. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds!

Move to the next circuit after completing the third round:

2A. Push-Ups
2B. Squat Jumps
2C. Dips (or bench dips)
Rest 60 seconds after completing all 4 exercises. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds!

After a 60 second rest, move on to the HIIT below.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 30-20 Split
-Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, then take a 20 second rest in between.
-You will move from one exercise to the next until you have completed a total of 4 rounds!

3A. Burpees
3B. Kettlebell Swings
3C. Cross Body Rock Climbers
3D. Plank Up Downs (Plank hold into a push-up position as quickly as possible, then back down into a plank and repeat).
Repeat 4 rounds total!

There you go, the perfect workout for Thanksgiving Day, done in under 30 minutes!




Now on to a short Question and Answer session. These are questions I received recently about Thanksgiving Day and wanted to share my answers with you:

Turkey Day QandA

Question: “Hey Dennis, what is the better option for eating turkey, white or dark meat? Thanks.” -Jake

Answer: “Hey Jake, I will answer your question with a question: Which do you like better? That right there is your answer.”

Question: “My dad makes the best stuffing ever but I know that it is loaded with carbs. Should I not eat it and choose something different?” -Kathy

Answer: “Sounds delicious and NO!!! Eat all that your heart desires. I mean it is Thanksgiving right?”

Question: “Is pumpkin pie healthy to have on Thanksgiving?” -Janet 

Answer: “Hey Janet, on Thanksgiving… YES! Have at it. I know I will be.”

Question: “Hi, are there any foods that I should avoid eating at Thanksgiving this year? Any really unhealthy ones to stay away from? Thanks in advance.” -Corey

Answer: “Yes, the cranberry sauce because it tastes terrible… To me anyways. Honestly though, no. No foods are off limits on Thanksgiving. Once Thanksgiving is over, simply jump back to eating healthy and you will be fine!”

Question: “So my family always brings like 5 desserts on Thanksgiving. I was thinking of bringing one of my own that is a more healthy option to eat. Any suggestions?” -Don

Answer: “My suggestion is to have one of each of the desserts your family brings then go back for seconds. Thanksgiving comes once per year and is a time where you should eat anything you want.

Do not let the other 364 days in the year ruin this one day feast. As easy as it is to blame the holidays for weight gain, this is the furthest thing from the truth. If your other days are focused on eating healthy, then this one day will have no effect on you.”



As you can see, I like to go all out on Thanksgiving. Why? Because I am prepared to. People blame 2-5 holidays for the reason they gain weight when the reality is there are 360 other days in the year that they have eaten just as bad!

If you are truly worried about putting on weight this holiday season, hit the reply button and send me an email. (or if you are reading this on the blog, leave a comment below and contact me HERE!)

I will then, in the next few days, send you back the solution to staying fit this holiday season!

And no this is not just some one line inspirational quote, this is something I have been working on for a while (and it will be going up for sale soon)! But you get it FREE!

In closing, I want to once again wish you a happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy all the amazing foods today! Don’t hold back, Thanksgiving won’t be coming for another 365 days.

Dedicated to getting you fit,

Dennis Heenan
BodyFit Formula and UltraCut Training


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