Step Up Your Body

perfect fat burning workoutBurning fat and getting fit is all about sending the right signals to your body. Whether you are male or female, continuing to send the right signals depends on one key factor. According to fitness expert and author Tyler Bramlett, he states:

“Step-up your movements to step-up your performance to step-up your body.”

Pretty simple formula. And when you follow it, it’s near impossible for you to fail.

If you are constantly making your movements and exercises more challenging, then your performance will increase which will cause your fat burning and physique to get better.

It is all about progressing properly through movements that will continue to challenge you. Look at a professional athlete for instance.

They add something new to their routine each and every week because the demands of the sports they play force their bodies to adapt quickly. Yet, their bodies weren’t always like this.

Michael Jordan didn’t start practicing his famous fade away jump shot right when he started playing basketball. He first focused on form and technique jump shots, then progressed into off the dribble shots, then progressed into fade aways.

See how that works? That is a perfect example of continuing to push yourself to get better through proper progression.

As you read yesterday in my email, my good friend and mentor Tyler Bramlett is all about performance and progression. In fact, in his CT-50 program he takes you from workout one, level one all the way up to workout 50 (yes FIFTY), level 5. 

Five different levels of progressions and 50 different workouts that are designed to force your body to improve each and every time in the gym

Learn the secrets behind over 500 transformations here. <=

That’s what I love about Tyler, this guy knows his stuff and lays it out in simple steps that anyone can do. No matter where you are in your fitness, you can always be improving and getting better.

Remember: Step-up your movements to step-up your performance to step-up your body.

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